What’s In A Name?

Sep 14, 2008 by

One of the hardest decisions I had to make when coming up with a blog was not just the look and the perfect header, but the name. I needed something snazzy and eye catching.

If you come to think of it, names are so very important. When we are first introduce ourselves to another, they first see the physical package and then they learn our name, which in simple terms is a label. In blog land, the majority of people are only known by their signature, the name they give themselves when they comment on a blog, message board or on their own site. A select few will allow others to see what they look like in pictures that they post. But the majority, are these mysterious entities, with only a name, their label of who they are.

My on-line signature, Katiebabs has been around since 1998, at least in email form. When I graduated college, I needed a new email address and came up with the name you all know me by. Why Katiebabs? Well, outside of the on-line world, I am go by Kate, and decided, why not Katie because it does sound a bit more fun. The “Babs” part is because years ago, way back in the day, I would have a habit of rambling on and on to the point I would babble, and the person I would be talking to would end up with a dazed and confused look on their face. I sometimes still have that bad habit of babbling, even after all these years, so Katiebabs is the perfect name for me! Now you know why I have come up with my blog title: Babbling About Books and More. Because, if I am not talking about books, there are another multitude of topics I can discuss. I am so full of useless information, it is not even funny.

My actual name is Catherine Anne. Catherine means “pure” and Anne means “grace”. I am Catherine with a “C’, but Kate with a “K”. For some reason that really throws people off. And I get a big kick it of it. They can’t understand why I am not a Cate with a “C” because I am a Catherine with a “C”. If I were a Katherine with a “K”, then it would make perfect sense for me to be a Kate with a “K”. My full name, Catherine Anne, has quite the story behind it. I was named after two great aunts that were sisters, Katie and Anne. Also from that, my mother had a dream of becoming a published writer. She said that her pen name would have been Catherine Anne Edwards. Edwards was her mother’s maiden name; my grandmother Shirley Edwards.

My family is full of people with unlikely names. My mother’s name is Mary Paige, but she just goes by Paige. She in turn gets a big kick out of it when she is watching television and a character has the name of Paige. (And I really do think the only reason my mother watches TLC’s Trading Spaces is because of the host, Paige Davis) My sister has a very unique name because of the spelling: Meghann. Meghann is so very lucky because she was named after a literary character. When The Thorn Birds by Colleen Mccullough came out in 1977, my mother was introduced to Meghann “Meggie” Cleary. And since I was already born, and it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to change my name, she decided if she gave birth to another daughter, she would name her Meghann. But at least I have a middle name of a literary character. Can you guess who? I am Anne with an“E”. And, Meghann has no middle name at all. *neener neener*

Last by not least, I can not leave out my father. He goes by Bob. Just Bob, which is short for Robert.

So, this Catherine with a “C”, but Kate with a “K” welcomes you to her new venture in the on-line world. What is in store, is still up in the air, but figuring it out, will be great fun!

Actually this coming week and the next few weeks to come, I have something fun really planned. Starting tomorrow I have some interviews to post. But the difference is these, is that the authors, who have been interviewed by me in the past, will interview me for a change. The question is, who are they and what will they ask? You will just have to stop by everyday to see!

I wish I could take credit for this awesome idea, but I can’t. Christine who has her own, blog called Happily Ever After came up with the idea.

And if anyone wants to join in on the fun, I can always interview you or visa-versa here because anything goes! The possibilities are endless!

Tomorrow the fun begins…

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  1. Dev

    Hello Katie! Terrific first post :-)I enjoyed hearing about the names. Of course, I’ll probably just call you Katie instead of Kate, although I am trying to break the habit.

  2. Hey Katiebabs! Lovely first blog! Tipping a cup ‘o java your way and wishing you much success. Tweet!


  3. LOL, can’t wait to read some of your “useless information”. I hereby christen your blog as Cool! Can’t wait to see what you come up with here.

  4. I love the interview idea! What fun. And your welcome mat, and also, I always wondered about the babs, so thanks for clearing that up!

  5. Nice new digs, girlie! *waving*

  6. Best wishes with your new blog and have FUN! Like it could ever be anything but fun with you around? 😉

    Looking forward to the upcoming exclusive Katiebabs interviews … where the authors interview the blogger for a change!

  7. I have a pot of coffee and donuts for everyone!
    *hands out virtual treats :D*

  8. Hooray for blog launch! I look forward to seeing what you’ve got in store 🙂

  9. I like it and will add you to my list! This looks like it will be a cool place to hang out. –K.

  10. Congrats on the new blog! Can’t wait to see what you have in store.


  11. Congratulations. I knew it was only a matter of time. Look at you all moved out and in your own place.

  12. Many congratulations on the new blog! I’m bookmarking, even as we speak! 🙂

  13. *sniff* my dear little baby bird has spread her wings and made her own nest. I’m so proud of you. But of course you still have a home at the mother nest – and I expect you to use it young baby bird!!

  14. Kristie: I still need a home where someone understands my Richard and Lisa Kleypas obsession. And of course such wonderful topics as nicknames for a woman’s hoo-haa and fun cover snark 😀

  15. Hello this is my first time to your site. looks like it’s a new site. I have a Pug also her name is Cloie she would probably really like your Milo lol. Like your site have added you to my favorites.

  16. I’m loving your new home, and I’m glad you’ll still be hanging with another of my favorite bloggers, aka KristieJ.

    How cool that it’s going to be a friendly, anything goes blog. Can’t wait for those interviews so we can find out more about Catherine Anne, or as your fans know you, Katiebabs 🙂

  17. I love finding new blogs. Yours is looking great. I gave you some love over at my blog. Gotta spread the word ya know. 😀

  18. Great blog..and Christine is great :).

    I confuse people sometimes with my name as well as myself sometimes. My name is Amanda but my mom thought Amy was a nickname for it. My mom liked em both. So Amy is what my family always called me, but school it was Amanda because that’s what I was registered with. Since Amy isn’t short for Amanda it has caused some confusion over the years.

    Anyway, good luck with your blog :).

  19. Some people when I was in school would call me Cathy! Bleck. I am so not a Cathy. Or a Cat.
    When I see Cat I think Kit-Kat bar ;P

  20. Ana

    Catherine Anne? : ) such a beautiful name, and such a beautiful blog! I will be here every day , as you know! : )


  21. Love the template! Love the idea of YOU Being interviewed. You’re bookmarked!

  22. Congratulations on the new blog Katie, really looking forward to the interviews.

  23. So how much blog space will be devoted to Sexy Mho Fho and his rowdy gang of amoeba demon sheep? 😉

  24. Congrats on the new space, from one (K)atherine Ann() to another! (I tried out Kathy for about two days in second grade, and even my teacher teased me. I abandoned it.)

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  25. Hi, Katie! congrats on the new blog! 🙂

  26. *blushes*
    Thanks, Amy. Right back atcha! 😉

    *grabs the last pumpkin spice donut*
    These are Dunkin Donuts, right Kate?

  27. Hey KB, Hooray for your debut. I really like the clean look. I LOL’d at your sheep, too. heh heh heh

    And JenB, it’s sMexy Mho Fho, duh.

  28. Congrats on the new blog Katie!

  29. Holly – Jeez, I keep forgetting the “Smexy” part. Smexy Mho Fho. Got it! 😉

  30. Maybe I should make sMexy Mho Fho sheep my mascot instead?

    There are such things as pumpkin spice donuts??!

  31. Christine

    Pumpkin spice donuts are a seasonal item at DD. You must treat yourself on your next coffee run.

  32. Now that it is close to 5pm, it is happy hour at my place. Forget the coffee, bring out the booze.
    The donuts can stay 😛

  33. Yay Kate!!!! I don’t know if I’ll be able to break out of calling you “Katie” but I’m giving it a go 🙂

    I love the new look and cannot wait to see what you have in store for us this week!!! *drinks some of the free booze* Yummy 🙂

  34. Hello Katie,
    Congrats on your new blog. I cannot wait to see what happens. The possiblities are endless. I am a friend of Christine’s and she always has amazing idea’s.

    Good Luck and Happy Reading 🙂

  35. Hi Kate, sorry I’m late to the shindig, but of course, I’m in time for the booze!

    I love the new blog look! Congrats — we’re gonna have FUUU-UN!

  36. Big Congrats on the new blog Katie with a K! It looks great and I’m so very happy for you! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got planned! 🙂

    {{big hug}}

  37. Donuts? There are DONUTS?

    Ah well, I guess you don’t need these freshly baked welcome-to-your-new-blog double chocolate brownies after all. I’ll just be forced to take them back to my place.


    Can’t wait to see what you come up with KB.

  38. Screw the donuts, leave the brownies. 😀

  39. A little late, but Congrats on the new Blog! You’re all set in my ‘daily’ reads. 😀

    Horray! Let’s celebrate!

    Chocolates and drinks all around! Loved the mini behind your name. Catherine Anne. Heh.


  40. That’s a funny story about you and your family’s names. My middle name is Christine cuz that’s my mommy’s name 🙂 and my sister’s middle name is Gabrielle cuz my dad’s name is Gabriel. That’s about as interesting as it gets! Looking forward to the interviews 😀

  41. Hi Kate! Cheers on christening your new blog! Names are very important especially for writers as we use and think about names a great deal. I debated whether I would or wouldn’t use a pen name, but I started using my whole name, first middle and last when working on and publishing plays. Then a psychic told me that my ‘writer name’ was my whole name and so there you have it. My parents were so democratic, they wanted to make sure I had name I liked, so they put two names they loved together, Leah and Anna (Anna in honor of my great grandmother), to make Leanna so that I could shorten it in any number of ways or nicknames and hopefully be happy. Funny, other than my family calling me Lea, I never shorten it.

  42. Heh. I was Cathy growing up, until about 12 or 13. Then I decided I didn’t like that anymore and made people call me CJ. Got bored with that after a couple years (didn’t help that people *still* tried to shorten it into something that sounded like “seege”. blech) Now I make people use my full name for the most part.

    Lovely new place, too!

  43. Anne with an E. *sigh* I love those books/movies. Gilbert Blythe anyone? LOL!

    Great first post, Miss Katie(babs). 🙂 My name just gets all screwy since I’m known by two on the blogosphere. Trying to keep it just as Bridget, but then I’ll get someone who actually KNOWS me. Very confusing. LOL!

    You’re going on my sidebar! Thought I’d done that before, but I’m being kinda ditzy tonight and all that good stuff. 🙂

  44. lovely launch!

    looking forward to your new blog!!

    btw…when I saw Meghann…I immediately thought of the Brothers! I’m gonna have to stop by the BDBverse soon!

  45. Ooooh! It’s so pretty here. 😛

    Good stuff Katie!

  46. Great new blog!! Love the header 🙂

  47. Awwww look at you, going out on your own for the first time on blogger, YAY YOU! Congrats on the new blog and it looks great, I think the header is pretty fantastic!

    Good luck sweets!

  48. Congrats on the new blog! And it looks awesome. 🙂

  49. Speaking of names…no one but NO ONE is allowed to call me Jen out loud IRL. That name is for online purposes only.

    Here in the real world, I go by Jennifer and Jennifer alone.

    If someone called out “Jen!”, I doubt I would even turn around because it just wouldn’t register that they could be talking to me.

    How’s that for weird? 😉

  50. Jen: If someone calls me by Catherine, I won’t answer them because I only answer to Kate. When I hear Catherine Anne, I think of my mother and all those times she would get angry at me. 😛

  51. Jen, I am Marg online but Margaret everywhere else! It feels weird to get called Marg!

  52. Hi Kate! Congrats on the new blog and good luck with everything.

    As for names…my entire family calls me Buddy…started when I was a baby and my dad called me Buddy and the nickname just stuck. To my nephews and nieces I am Aunt Buddy.

    And whenever I meet people I chat with online, such as authors, in real life, I always introduce myself as Jennifer Y because that is what I use online. In SF at the RWA conference several of the authors actually introduced me to others as “Jennifer Y.” It made me chuckle.

  53. Love the look and look forward to reading your blog.

  54. Holy Launch party!! Did I miss the booze and chocolate? I’ll go and get my kit kats I bought and wait, 53 people, I can’t break it up that many times! Ah, well, just for me then 😉

    Can’t wait to see what kind of topics bubble to the top!


  55. LOL I loved the post. My birth name is Sarai Elizabeth but in school the teachers kept calling me Sara(e) instead of Sara so my dad thought he would make it easy and dropped the i However, at home they called me Sara(e) to tease me.
    So now I go by Sarai to remember my daddy who pasted away 5 years ago.
    The Saraileeb is due to high school everyone called me Lee b/c “No body doesn’t like Sara Lee” as a joke and that sortof stuck. B b/c of my last name.
    Funny how names work isn’t it Katie?

    Great first post!!!!

  56. Hey you! I didn’t know you reviewed elsewhere and had your own site (new as it is). I guess I’ve been living under a rock. LOL


  57. Hey Rebekah! As you can see, I sure do get around 😛

  58. M.

    hello kb,
    found you via BBAW, congrats on your new site! i’ve seen your avatar during dual reviews withthe book smugglers, of course. i’ll be interestdto see how you go on from here!

  59. Congratulations on your new venture!

  60. Why you gotta hate your niece and nephew mew mew!

  61. Hello Catherine with a C and Kate with a K!

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