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Welcome to another famous Power Puff Review! Bubbles (Ana from Book Smugglers) and Blossum are back with their review of Hex Appeal by Linda Wisdom. But where has Buttercup gone? Buttercup is on secret vacation with Batman, and both are relaxing on a beach somewhere. Poor Robin is stuck cave sitting. So what makes this review so special? We have a guest reviewer taking over for Buttercup. She is Dot Warner (Jen B from The Ginger Kid’s Den of Iniquity). Make sure to check out their reviews and see if we agree or disagree with our reviews.

When I read 50 Ways to Hex a Lover, I fell in love with Jasmine “Jazz” Tremaine, a seven-hundred year old witch who loves fashion, food and great sex with her on again, off again vampire lover Nikolai Gregorvich. Along with Jazz, Linda created an interesting group of characters that include, Jazz’s computer addicted roommate, Krebs, Irma, a ghost who haunt’s Jazz’s car, and Fluff and Puff, Jazz’s magical bunny slippers that steal every scene they are in.

Jazz and her friends are now back, along with some new faces in the sequel, Hex Appeal. Again Jazz is caught up in solving a mystery mainly because Fluff and Puff have been accused of eating Willie, a wereweasel who operated the Ferris wheel on the boardwalk near where Nick lives. Never mind that I am still trying to figure out how these bunny slippers could eat a whole person alone, since I would assume if they are putting things down their mouth to digest, something has to come out the other end. But since Jazz hasn’t stepped in any interesting slipper doo-doo, she knows that her slippers would never do such a thing, mainly because they think wereweasel blood isn’t that tasty. But it doesn’t help matters when Fluff coughs up a black button that belongs to Willie. Willie’s boss and boardwalk owner, Rex, thinks he has enough proof to destroy the slippers. Now Jazz has to figure out who is trying to frame Fluff and Puff.

Around the same time, Jazz is having some intense dreams of death, mainly hers. They are so real that while she is sleeping next to Nick, she has a really bad nightmare where Nick has gorged himself on her blood, even though witch’s blood is dangerous for vampires. Poor Nick has no clue what the deal is with Jazz, and thinks she is overacting. But then Nick starts having dreams of Jazz being human and married with a husband and family. At first Nick and Jazz ignore their dreams, but they become a lot worse. And then something really horrible happens where Jazz loses all her powers for a day and is a mortal. Something is rotten in the state California and Jazz has to find out who wants to do her in.

Hex Appeal had me in stitches. This is a screwball paranormal-comedy with witches, vampires, were creatures, and all types of footwear that comes alive. Not only is there Fluff and Puff, who I so want for myself, but Jazz has a new pair of stilettos from a witch friend named Croc and Delilah that like to wear Jazz’s makeup, constantly blow kisses and raspberries and have a bad habit of rubbing up against any male’s leg they come in contact with. Yup, they are some horny shoes. Plus, they really compliment Jazz’s feet. If only we, the female readers could be so lucky to have such shoes like Jazz’s.

Jazz and Nick’s relationship is an interesting one. These two are passionate with one another, but they still make sure to keep their own space. They bicker, laugh and make love, but they realize they have to set boundaries because their past relationship with one another was a bit emotional where Jazz would have a habit of flinging fireballs at Nick when she became angry at him. What I would have loved to read would have been some flashbacks of Nick and Jazz and how they first met and what made them fall in love with one another. But even though these two are immortals, they act like any other modern day couple.

Since most paranormal books I tend to read happen to be dark and gloomy, Hex Appeal brings out some laughs and smiles over the antics of Jazz and the world that Linda Wisdom has created. I will continue to read this series as long as Linda writes them. It takes great skill from an author for me to enjoy footwear such as Fluff and Puff as my new favorite characters of the year. (Sourcebooks, available now at Target. Everywhere else- November 2008)

Final Grade: B


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  4. This book sounds like great fun. I actually have both of Linda’s Hex books on my TBR list. I’m going to try to read them this month. The operative word being try. =)

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