I Want to Be Tina Fey

Oct 6, 2008 by

Because of this:
From Publishersweekly.com
A Little, Brown official this morning confirmed that the house will publish Tina Fey’s book, concluding a beauty contest believed to include Ecco and two other houses. Richard Abate at Endeavor handled negotiations for the project, said to skew more toward humor than memoir; though it’s unclear what the final price tag ended up being, Wednesday’s New York Post reported that offers were approaching $6 million.

**better yet, can she adopt me??**

Publishers were clearly smitten with Fey, whose recent Emmy win and “Saturday Night Live” Sarah Palin imitations have ratcheted up her profile; other houses expressed early interest in the project despite Abate’s no-meeting, no-proposal pitch, but one such publisher at a Random House imprint who didn’t bid said that the price tag just became untenable. Rumor had it Fey wanted to go somewhere “literary”; presumably Little, Brown, which earlier this week lured Donna Tartt away from Knopf, fits that bill.

And especially because of this:


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  1. We don’t get Saturday Night Live here (why whenever I write that name to go I almost always attempt to replace the word Live with Fever?) – have they screened the same clips on The Daily Show (we get that 🙂 If so, I’ve seen her and she is brilliant!

    I’m going to have to go and Wiki her name as apart from that I don’t recognise the name 🙁

  2. I *HEART* Tina Fey.

    The genius Palin stuff can be found on NBC.com

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