NYC 2009 Comic Con is Coming…

Oct 2, 2008 by

New York Comic Con has been announced for February 6-8, 2009. Christine and I went in April and had a ball!

This is me trying to decide between Batman and Superman: Who would you choose?

For those who don’t know what Comic Con is, why not click here to see how Christine and I did did. Maybe this time I can find some real life superheroes to take pictures with. (Fondling their man bits are optional. Must read my Comic Con report to understand. No, I am not a pervy freak)

Maybe I can go as Blossum this year? Anyone want to join me? *G*

If you had a chance to go to Comic Con, what superheroes or comic books characters would you want to meet? Would you wear a costume?

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  1. I probably wouldn’t wear a costume but I would love to see Wonder Woman! Love her! Oh, and maybe Hawk Girl and Petunia Pig too! lol

  2. We know who YOU chose! I remember the incriminating photo.

  3. When I win lotto, I’ll be there with bells on!

  4. i would definitely go with Batman. He had cool toys. I would go if I had the chance. I think it would be fun, but I do not think I would dress up (too self-conscious)

  5. I want to go just to hug those ugly dolls again. They were so stinkin’ cute.

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun. Too bad I live out in the middle of the ocean and can’t afford a trip back to reality.

  7. I choose Batman. And I would most definately wear a costume as I never ever turn down an excuse to wear a costume! I’d want to meet Batman, Wolverine, V, and all the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s series plus the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I’ll definately do the con next year and bring my book cause it should be out by then. 🙂

  8. I wanted to go this year in San Diego but I had already made plans for my bro’s bday!


    Next year…my sil and I are dragging my bro’s but there or he’s getting left behind!! We were so upset about the Koontz thing! We sssooo ♥ Oddie!

    Anyway…re: your Q…
    oh hheeelll no! Me in a skimpy costume=jail time. Twould be quite obscene and scar wee ones for life…I’d spend the rest of my life paying restitution and psychiatric fees!!


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