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Another paranormal story with vampires is the steamy romance by Christine Warren called One Bite With a Stranger. This book is an extended version of a title Christine originally published with Ellora’s Cave called Fantasy Fix. Since this a romance and an extension of an her original novel, you can pretty much presume that there is going to be some hot loving going on. There is definitely some of that, but the way the two main characters act with each other, especially the way the hero claims his woman, gave me some good laughs. And I am not sure if those laughs are meant to be intentional.

Regina McNeill broke up with her sleazy ex-boyfriend after she found out he was boinking every women he could get his hands on. Her friends decide that Regina needs to find a new man to get her out of her slump, perhaps have some nice, hot sex since she hasn’t had any in the last few months. Reggie’s friends want her to act out her ultimate sexual fantasy, where a seductive and mysterious vampire will seduce her. Regina is a bit wary by what her girlfriends have up their sleeves, and they won’t take no for an answer. So, Reggie ends up at a Goth nightclub where she will be set up with her vampire lover.

Reggie doesn’t realize her mistake in being sought after by Dmitri Vidame, who is an actual real vampire and in charge of the Council of Others in New York City. He spots Reggie in the crowded club and decides he will make her his. Reggie falls for his smooth talking lines and since she assumes this is the guy her friends have set her up with, she takes Dmitri back home for a one night stand. Dmitri wants to overpower Reggie in the bedroom and gives her orders, where she will basically bow down to him as he helps her achieve the best orgasm she has ever had. Reggie, at first, isn’t too happy the way Dmitri wants her to succumb to his dominance, but because he can make her “come” multiple times in a few minutes, she quickly allows Dmitri to have his wicked way with her.

Dmitri knows what Reggie wants since he can read her mind and tap into her darkest desires. And he soon realizes that Reggie is the one for him because, “He adored the taste of her, sweet and warm and spicy, like honey and cinnamon and the unique flavor that was Regina.” And, “The taste of her filled him, overwhelmed him. Sweeter than the honey, hotter than her passion… He felt drunk on her essence. She intoxicated him like vodka, only sweeter. She welcomed him like springtime.”

Isn’t Dmitri such a poet?

Dmitri is so sure about Reggie that he bites her and drinks from her, thus claiming her as his immortal bride. Reggie has no clue about this claiming and is glad when he is gone in the morning, because after all, it was just a one-night stand between them. So what if Reggie hears Dmitri talking in her mind or shows up out of the blue while she on another date? She finds it annoying that all of a sudden Dmitri can talk to her this way or find her even though she never told him where she would be. Reggie thinks he is hot and great in the sack, but is not down with Dmitri being the possessive type. She is ready to tell him to take a hike, when her ex, Greg, almost rips out her throat because he has been changed into a vampire. Now Dmitri must protect Reggie as she must comes to grips over her intense lusting after a very attractive dead man who gives her the best sex she has ever had. This is horrible to say, but- Necrophilia anyone?

Even though I found One Bite With a Stranger a bit silly, especially over Dmitri’s very laughable possessive tendencies over Reggie, Christine Warren has written a fluffy fun read. The sex scenes between Dmitri and Reggie were steamy but ventured into the purple prose category, which, as you can see from the quotes I posted above. If only we lucky ladies could be compared to a season during sex! I would loved to be compared to dew on a summer morning.

And every time Dmitri thought about ravishing Reggie or told Reggie how he wanted her, some laughs would find their way out of my mouth. You would think that this powerful vampire would be a force to reckon with. But the beast was tamed by the love of a woman who would not allow him to walk all over her.

As for Reggie, I could never warm myself up to her. She could never make up her mind when it came to Dmitri. You would think the woman be a bit frightened over the fact that her one night stand could suddenly speak in her head, and that he happens to be a vampire. And don’t get me started on the hickey she must have from Dmitri. For a short moment, Reggie does seem freaked out, but since he gets her motor running, she welcomes Dmitri into her life, fully, and as her boyfriend.

This is one zany and quirky tale that some may roll their eyes at, but I for one really enjoyed One Bite With a Stranger. Christine Warren does have a distinctive voice and I would definitely be interested in reading her next release. (St. Martin’s Press)

Grade: B-

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  1. Katie – I’m a Christine Warrnen fan and read all her books when she was published under Ellora’s Cave. When I picked up this book, it all sounded familiar and I soon realized it was part of the Fur Fantasy Fix series that I had already read. I have to say I was a bit miffed – no where on the cover did it say that. I went back to my e-books to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. Having said that, I was a bit disappointed with the book. I had a very hard time with Dimitri – his ‘cave man’ attitude annoyed the heck out of me. And that’s quite odd for me. Usually when I read a vampire hero I give him all sorts of leeway to act the uber alpha-hero. And it’s fun to be able to indulge in that and put it under the guise of ‘well he’s a thousand year old vampire – he’s suppose to act like that’. But for some reason – and here I’m at a loss for words as to why – I didn’t find Dimitri as endearing as he needed to be for me. So, all I can tell you is that it was a gut reaction for me, I have no good justifiable reasons for my feelings. That’s just the way I felt.

  2. Well, you read mine (I’m assuming) over on good and bad. In some ways I liked it, but in others it was bang my head on my pillow Ack what was she thinking? LOL!

    I still say The Demon You Know is my favorite. Sexy demon. The heroine’s an idiot, but the hero was smokin’!

  3. This sounds like what I like to call a “guilty pleasure”. One of those books we love to hate. Mine for example would be anything written by Shannon Mckenna or Christine Feehan.

    I think I have read one of Christine Warren’s books before, the title escapes me at the moment, maybe it’s Wolf at the Door. Anyway, it was just an average read for me.

  4. Ana

    Oh, I could not get into this book at all. It was laughable indeed but more than that – Dimitri was creepy, overbearing and the way he just kept reading her mind without her knowing? so wrong. It was a DNF for me.

  5. Did anyone else burst out into laughter during some of the sex scenes? It took me a full minute to calm down when Dmitri said Reggie reminded him like springtime.

  6. I read this as Fantasy Fix and I really liked it, but I’ve always preferred her St. Martin’s books over her EC books. I bought One Bite when it was re-released, but I haven’t read it yet since it was “enhanced”. I’m really looking forward to Fur for All and Fur Factor being re-released.

    My favorite CW book is The Demon You Know. I loooove the hero Rule. Yum!

    Great review!

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