What Animal Needs Some Shift Changing Love?

Oct 23, 2008 by

The latest poll has closed and the majority have spoken for their next favorite animal who deserves a shift-changing romance:

Sheep. Wooly Baa Love
10 (62%)
Goat. His beard has special powers
2 (12%)
Duck. He has a sexy name- Aflac
0 (0%)

More mermaid/men. They know how to stay wet
4 (25%)

Again, the sheep comes out on top! Unfortunately there seem there will be no were-duck love in the future.

I also added a new picture of a tree to my sidebar. The tree and I have an interesting past with one another *coughnastytreesexwithaheroineinaromanceIreadcough* and I have decided the tree needs more romance in their life. So, I am calling all authors to share the love and give a tree their own romance!
*other bloggers give you sexy men pictures, I give you tree sex instead*

There is a new poll for your consideration. This one will be geared more towards the spooky Halloween season.


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  1. Do you dare knock the sexy man pictures? hmpf!

  2. Wow, you just never know what you’re going to get when you visit here: from tree sex to shape-shifting sheep (try saying that 3 times fast). The mind boggles.

    And I have abolutely no problem with the sexy menz, especially if they are of Gerard Butler, so feel free to join the crowd from time to time πŸ˜‰

  3. *cough cough* Literally! I just choked on my water when I took a closer look at the tree picture….LOL.

    And while tree sex and shape-shifting sheep (you’re right Stacy, it is hard to say three times πŸ™‚ are important, to paraphrase Rupert Campbell-Black (a Jilly Cooper character), woman cannot live on sheep alone, they need crumpet!

    (I can’t believe I just typed that… πŸ™‚

  4. Gah! My eyes. My eyes!!! O_o

  5. Tree sex, mee-owww! πŸ˜‰

    I can’t wait until our sheep book is finished. We’ll be the most famous authors ever.

  6. Should we have some tree sex in it? Since Fho has no woman, he could fall in love with a Pussy Willow.

  7. Tree sex, hehe.

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