"WTF?" Cover Friday

Oct 25, 2008 by

Every Wednesday and Friday I go on to the Ellora’s Cave website to see their new releases. Nine times out of ten there tends to be some true, “WTF?” covers that make me want to cover my eyes because they are so bad.

Today was no exception. I give you the thin man, because those ribs are just not sexy. Someone needs to make him eat a hamburger for he can put some meat on his bones. But I can’t complain about the butt. The guy behind him has this wierd back action going on. He looks like he is missing a chunk of his back!

Then there is this one where the abs on this male model really freaks me out. He is more tone and waxed than Ken ever was.

Thanks to Bridget Locke who brought this “WTF” cover to my attention. For some reason I think of the movie “Toy Story” when I see this one. “To infinity and beyoonndddddddddd!”
Her chest can send out some big gamma rays.
The title must be the most boring one I have read in awhile.

Agree? Disagree? Have any “WTF?” covers you have seen this past week?


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  1. C2

    I’m more frightened by ab guy. Yikes! Is he a mutant?! And what about his buddy with the scary chick. Scary!

    Thin man needs to go have some fries and a milkshake with the burger. And the other guy – baby got back, s’all I’m sayin’.

    My first spam-a-nator word: surmate

    Hmm…mate with one of these guys? Sure. 😉

  2. I don’t find these too objectional for once and I’m a certified cover snob.

    But that first guy is a bit skinny, however, I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t ponted it out.

    I haven’t noticed any really bad one lately, but I have been trying to curb my spending and have been avioding all temptation.

    It’s not working.

  3. Sleeping with ABS Guy would be like sleeping on a tractor tire. For real!

    The Thin Man should check himself in to an eating disorder clinic. Dr. Annmarie diagnosis him with Manorexia.

  4. And notice the boobs on the girl in the 2nd book? Torpedoes anyone?

    And I did email you a cover I was going “huh” over as well. 🙂

  5. Bridget: The woman with no nipples and the bright yellow jumpsuit? Oh yes!

  6. That last one, with the gold fuzzy costume? Looks like she has fuzzy nipples, does this make them niffles?

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