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Lady Anna still lives with the guilt that she was partially responsible for her cousin almost being killed three years ago. She fell in love with the man responsible for her cousin’s pain and can’t forgive herself. She’s resigned to the fact that she’ll most likely never get married and has hidden her emotions and outspoken nature deep inside. Anna’s family is worried about her mental state and her mother feels she is wasting away. Anna can barely be around those she loves and prefers her solitude

Daniel, the Earl of Bridgerton is a close friend of Sebastian, Anna’s older brother. Anna has always adored Daniel. But she has always hid her true feelings for him. Daniel cares for Anna and misses their friendship, but has more pressing matters to deal with such as finding the villain who murdered his father. Daniel keeps his spying a secret from the world as did his uncle, who was most likely killed by the same man who murdered his father. He’ll stop at nothing until he brings this fiend to justice, although his mother and aunt feel he should move on and begin searching for a wife.

When Daniel dances with Anna at a ball, he can’t stop the pangs of desire running through his body has he holds her close. He senses Anna has deeper feelings for him other than polite regard and he wants to break through the wall she has placed around herself. Soon Daniel is telling Anna what to do and how better to spend her time. Anna won’t stand for Daniel’s high handed nature toward hers. She finds his concern annoying at times, but can’t keep her emotions in check around him. When he goes too far with his kisses and touching, she’s even more confused, especially since there are rumors about Daniel and his aunt being lovers. Daniel is certain those he loves may be targets from the enemy he searches for. With that in mind, he’ll keep a much closer eye on Anna, which leads him to not only wanting her safe in his arms, but in his bed.

Melissa Schroeder has written a wonderful and romantic historical romance with The Spy Who Loved Her (Once Upon an Accident Book 3). Anna is tortured emotionally from events in her past she can’t get over. She beats herself up because she fell in love with the wrong man who used her feelings to almost destroy her family. Because she cares too deeply, she tries her best to cut off all emotion. But with Daniel, she can’t because he won’t allow her to. He sees how much Anna is hurting and wants to help her heal.

Daniel is the type of hero I adore. He’s heroic, loyal and wants to make the wrong things right. He’s a bit too dedicated to his job as a spy, which I thought I wouldn’t be into because I’m not all that fond of lords who are part-time spies. But the way Melissa has written Daniel’s spy role, I found myself very interested in how he’s able to handle his dangerous responsibility. I liked how this part of the plot took a backseat when Daniel begins to court Anna. Daniel treats Anna wonderfully, and my favorite scenes are when they banter back and forth, not to mention when Daniel shows Anna that he wants more than friendship from her.

I also enjoyed Daniel’s relationship with is Aunt Jo, who is a few years younger than him, but did love his uncle who was forty years her senior. Jo is one I’d love to see get her own story and perhaps find love again with another. There isn’t a great deal of suspense, but overall I thought the mystery was well done.

The Spy Who Loved Her hits many high marks with the romance, dialogue and steamy love scenes. This is one of the better recent historical romances I’ve read and one I recommend you try. (Available at Samhain Publishing)

Final Grade: B+

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  1. Awww, thank you so much! And as I told you yesterday on Twitter, Jo will have her story. I am also planning a novella for Christmas time to explain Anna’s mother’s behavior during the book;)
    I am so glad you enjoyed it.

  2. This sounds great! Is it a stand-alone book or part of a series? I want to read it this weekend! (Watch out one-click shopping)…..

  3. I really loved this one too!!

    Penny – it is part of a series, but it was the first I have read and does well as a stand alone. Really nice book!

  4. Mandi, thanks! Penny, yes it is the third book but they can be read alone. The Accidental Countess and Lessons in Seduction are the first two:)

  5. Danie was swoony. 🙂

    Hurrah for Aunt Jo getting her possible HEA.

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