Say Hello to A Lesbian Reads Review Blog (2014 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event)

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Say Hello to A Lesbian Reads Review Blog (2014 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event)
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First off I would like to say how honored I am to be doing a guest post here. I have been writing blogs for quite some time. I started A Lesbian Reads last August. I felt like I could connect with people who wanted to talk about lesbian fiction.  I love lesbian romance books, they are easier to connect to. I do read heterosexual books I still love a good romance story no matter what. It is more feeling a connection to the book that gets me. If it can catch me in a few pages then I am hooked. If I have to sit and pretend I am interested I am not the person that should be reviewing your book. I am an honest person. I don’t like to beat around the bush.

The review process is still in a world of me trying to figure out what to write. In my opinion I like to tell people how I felt about the book. I don’t like to give too much detail on the book itself because it ruins it for others. If I am reading a review I don’t want to know in chapter 4 Susie fell down a well and might not make it. I want to read the suspenseful parts myself.

I’ve never had an official favorite book. There are books that I fall in love with but there has never been a book that I can claim it is my all time favorite. I didn’t start reading until I was 18 so I have many years to catch up on. I was one of those kids who didn’t think they needed to read in life to get ahead. In school I was the jock that paid the “nerd” to read my books for me. Sad when I think about it now. It does make me want to go back and read those books. I know what I was missing now. To tell someone that I hated to read is a funny thing to think about now that I love it so much I would do anything to keep doing it daily. Lessons have been learned in life not to judge others and to do my own homework it just may be what opens up. Door to a new whole life.



In a nutshell…I am Jen Marie or Jen Fregin, I am a lesbian mother. I am a person who stands up for her community. I started blogging to be heard. If you want to know more follow me. Join me @

Until then enjoy f/f books (or any book really) and tell me how you feel about them I always love to hear other opinions on a book.



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  1. Sheila

    I have always loved reading. It takes me to places and times I cannot go. I always like to know what it out there and what is coming out. I never know what I might want to read.

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