The Little Johanne Book World Recommends Some Lesbian Fiction (2014 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event)

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The Little Johanne Book World Recommends Some Lesbian Fiction (2014 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event)

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When I was contacted to write for this event I got super excited with the purpose behind the Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event. By that point I hadn’t read a lot of lesbian fiction so I tried to expand my material to be able to write a recommendation diverse enough to supply a book for everyone who wants to get comfortably into Lesbian fiction.

What I got was a wonderful dive into f/f giving me a wide berth with mysteries, erotica, romance, young adult, and dystopia. From those I will recommend the ones that captivated me the most.




Becoming Clissine by Anastasia Vitzky is a dystopia about a heterosexual girl living in a society that believes gay couples are what God requires and approves of. It has age play so is not for everyone but it places the tables around on us and forces us to see the side of the story not many understand: the way someone who is different is displaced and punished and forced to comply and change in a way that may make your stomach turn. My full review




Secret Lies by Amy Dunne, a young adult romance that submerged us into the story of two young girls discovering their sexuality; an emotional roller-coaster into the life of a girl with a clueless mother and an abusive stepfather that runs into another girl who is apparently perfect but has deep secrets; a story with young romance, heartbreak, happiness and a hopeful ending. My full review


How Sweet It Is by Melissa Brayden is a sweet romance, set in a beautiful fairy tale town. A lovely bakery owner who is still grieving falls for the sister of her first love who died before her time. This girl who comes back to town four years after the death of her sister, is caring, fun and sweet, but has lived in her sister’s shadow her whole life. This is a story about love that happens to be about two girls. There’s spark and love, hard and simple, the rock and the hard place, all set into Applewood, Illinois, a delightful little town close to Chicago, and with colorful supportive characters portraying all the possible sexual identities, all powerful and complete. The way the quaint town is written, makes you want to pack up and move halfway across the word to live in the delightful Midwestern Applewood. My full review




And then we have Uncommon Romance by Jove Belle. Three steaming hot erotica short stories that delivers all the heat erotica is supposed to give, fixed into the stories of three couples in different stages of their relationship.  I will tell you this: there is nothing vanilla about these stories. Threesomes, BDSM, hardcore sex in uncommon places, and the short approach to three very different relationships that have at least one thing in common: steaming hot sex. My full review




If after all this, you are still hoping for more, there is also Rush by Carsen Taite, a mystery about ADA Danny Soto who is assisting in the investigation of a series of murders, in hopes that catching and convicting the serial murderer will further her career, and Ellen Davenport, a woman intrinsically connected to the case. They fall in love with each other and have hard decisions to make, while the killer is still out there and thirsty for blood. My full review


There is material for everyone who is smart and open enough to venture into lesbian literature. Great writers, enthralling stories, hot erotica, beautiful romances, and captivating thrillers, all featuring powerful women. Never mind your sexual orientation; it is a world worth venturing into.

For more book recommendations and reviews, check out The Little Johanne Book World.





  1. Sheila

    More for the pile. These sound very interesting. I hope to be able to read all that I want to read.

    • Even if you don’t have the time right now, I can assure that they are worth to add to your TBR list.



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