Confessions: Killing Off Bad Memories by PJ Schnyder *CONTEST*

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Confessions: Killing Off Bad Memories by PJ Schnyder *CONTEST*

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There’s a warning tossed around fairly frequently: If you piss off an author, they’ll kill you in a book.

Here’s my confession: I totally did. Several people. It’s really easy to give people horrible deaths in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, actually.

And while it gave me a chuckle to do it, I didn’t indulge in the vindictive, drawn out out, torturous death scene for each of those individuals. That kind of catharsis isn’t really what I’m going for when I include those scenes in my books.

Honestly, I just needed a bunch of names and felt bad using anyone I vaguely liked as a “red shirt” so I used the names of people from my past who are no longer friends. It took the edge off the guilt of giving any doomed extra a grisly death.

In fact, they’re fairly common names so some people might look at me a bit sideways, but really, if we’re still on friendly terms I’m not harboring any secret desire to see you meet a zombie in the dark.


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Survive To Dawn

Book 3 of the London Undead series

(Available from Carina Press for $2.69)


Blurb: The zombie epidemic in London has been contained, but that’s all the werewolf pack that protects the city has been able to manage. Danny, as pack medic, is concerned the epidemic isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. And that the pack’s Alpha is too focused on eliminating the deadly threat to consider working toward a cure. When a team of American scientists arrive, talking of a vaccine, Danny is quietly hopeful.

Deanna thought she was prepared for anything. But an argument with the London pack leaves her research team exposed and alone, on their own against countless hordes of the walking dead. Within hours, her colleagues are slaughtered…and it’s only because of Danny that she manages to get out alive.

Deanna unhinges Danny in every way, tempting him beyond reason. She also pushes him to face the one thing he’d been avoiding: his Alpha is wrong. Simply surviving isn’t the answer…it can’t be.


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