WTFckery or Not? You Decide!

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WTFckery or Not? You Decide!

Welcome to this week’s wacky WTFckery!


1. Can’t have a WTFckery post with some WTF books and their covers:


Intergalactic war with hedgehogs. The next big thing in Sci-Fi genre: (Thanks to Heather Massey)




Nothing says sexy like a dramatically posed 8 pack abs Smurf looking dude with Fabio hair:




This cover is going to stalk me in my sleep. Send help:




2. Interesting article in USA Today about cats and roaches might help babies with their allergies:




“Cockroaches might not seem to have much in common with farm animals. But a new study suggests urban newborns who share their homes with cockroaches, mice and cats might get the same kind of protection from allergies and asthma that farm children seem to get from the animals in their barns.

The finding, published Friday in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, is no reason to stop exterminating cockroaches, researchers say. But it is the latest evidence for the “hygiene hypothesis” — the idea that allergies might be increasing because many children today grow up in relatively sterile environments. Immune systems that don’t have to fight off many germs end up doing battle with harmless pollens, dust mites and animal dander instead, the theory goes.

The new four-city study of 467 children shows the same increased risk overall but with a twist: Children exposed to mouse and cat dander, cockroach droppings and certain bacteria before age 1 seemed to benefit. They were the least likely to develop allergies or wheezing — a possible asthma symptom — by age 3.”


3. Google has invented a new self-driving car that doesn’t have a steering wheel. Would you sit in this going 60 MPH? From Jalopnik:



“Google just unveiled its latest autonomous car, and it’s a bulbous two-seater, with no steering wheel, gas or brake. This is the future, pod people. Unlike the Prius and Lexus hybrids in Google’s fleet, this was designed from the ground-up as a complete reimagining of what transportation could be. It’s designed to simply get you get from A to B – plug in your destination and you’ll never have to interact with the controls.

Google’s plan is to build about 100 of these prototypes, with “safety drivers” beginning to test the cars this summer. Those cars will have traditional controls as a backup, and Google plans to run the pilot project for a couple of years to learn from the program.”


4. Would you spend almost $250,000 to eat expensive seafood on a submarine? From Foodbeast:




“For just $284,000 (oh, and that’s the starting price), you and your lover can book a night aboard the Mile-Low Club — a sleek submarine that takes couples on a journey into the blue at nearly 650 feet below sea level. Dreamed up by UK-based Oliver’s Travels and launching this February 14th, the package includes a custom menu that features oysters, caviar and chocolate fondant with “essence of pomegranate.” For a little extra, you can deck out the room in flower petals and enjoy a champagne breakfast in bed. Patrons can choose the locations of the dive, while the  ”aphrodisiac tasting menu” will  ”ensure that guests are in the mood to make full use of the Lovers Deep facilities.”


5. “Nyoom Nyoom” (this gave me a good chuckle):




6. The biggest question when it comes to jeans, is how often should you wash them? Now we have a confirmed answer by a professional- once a year is good. From KPTV:




“Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh has cleared up once and for all how often people should really wash their jeans. The jean giant’s top boss says people should keep that closet staple out of the washing machine.

Bergh lives by his words in a recent interview with Fortune magazine.

“These are one of my favorite jeans. These jeans are maybe a year old and these have yet to see a washing machine. I know that sounds totally disgusting. I know it does. But believe me, you can spot clean it, you can air dry it and it is fine. I have yet to get a skin disease or anything else. It works,” Bergh said.

Berg said Levi’s is trying to be the ultimate in “slow fashion.” That means long-wear fashion.”


7. This title says it all: “Man Gives Himself A Tattoo By Letting 1,000 Bed Bugs Feed On Him.” From I09:




“Letting a swarm of hungry bed bugs feed on your arm sounds squirm-inducingly unpleasant, but this entomologist decided to have a little fun with it. He gave himself a temporary tattoo while giving his bed bugs a nice big meal. It’s making us itch just thinking about it, but when his lab had a jar of bed bugs in need of feeding, entomologist and YouTube user JohnnyFedora decided to show what happens to his skin when it’s exposed to 1,000 bed bugs. He placed a stencil of a rabbit over the mouth of the jar and let the critters go to work.”


 8. Fish Tank Sushi style:




9. The most adorable WTFckery! Unleash the baby goat stampede!

10. Have you heard of the Finngenerator?

“Finland is a country where things are based on nature and old mythology. Even people’s names are inspired by the woods, animals and mythological characters.Have a try and find your inner Finn by changing your name. Just type your name here and let the  generator tell you what you would be called if you were a Finn.


My Finn name is: Kukka Rannikko

Kukka — Flower
Rannikko — Seashore

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s best in the WTFckery!

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  1. I was Sea Sealand. Awesome name, not 😉 I will stick with my real name L Fieldman

  2. Some of Nathalie Gray’s books sure have gotten some wonky covers. I hope they don’t scare off readers because she writes fun, high octane SFR & PNR.

    Now I’m ready for a story featuring the Femme Metal blue guy and his pink space hedgehog sidekick!

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