Jojo Myes, James Patterson and Dr. Seuss Rise to the Top This Week

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Jojo Myes, James Patterson and Dr. Seuss Rise to the Top This Week

The usual suspects in terms of big sales are here this week, including Jojo Moyes’ whose Me Before You is current the biggest seller in adult fiction, in part because of the upcoming movie adaptation of the book. Sales are over 60,000 in digital and print, with James Patterson, Rick Riordan, and Danielle Steel not far behind.




On the NYT Combined Fiction list, Me Before You holds the top spot, followed by 15th Affair, The Last Mile, Extreme Prey, and The Girl on the Train. New romance releases to hit the top 20 this week here are Troublemaker by Linda Howard (#7) and 16 Lighthouse Road (2001 reprint) by Debbie Macomber (#11),

On the NYT Digital list, Me Before You holds the stop spot, followed by 15th Affair and The Last Mile. Lauren Blakely breaks into the top 5 at 34 with Mister O, and Troublemaker is #5. The only new romance to hit the top 15 is Katy Regnery’s Winslow Box Set (#14).

And on the NYT Young Adult Digital list, Paper Princess by Erin Watt is still in the top 5 for 6th week.


Onto the USA Today chart toppers….

The top 5 here is a mix of adult fiction and children’s fiction. Me Before You and 15th Affair are in the top spots, followed by The Trials of Opollo: The Hidden Oracle, Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss (never ending sales for this one), and The Last Mile.




New romance releases hitting this list begins with #50 with Getting His Way by Erin Nichols.

#79- The Rule Book by Jennifer Blackwood (Entangled Publishing, major word of mouth from bloggers helped this one hit this list)

#80- Honor Me by Chelle Bliss

#89- The Sheik’s Captured Princess by Elizabeth Lennox

#114- Hetch by River Savage (new to me author)

#117- Crave Me by M. Robinson (new to me author)

#126- Dear Heart, I Hate You by J. Sterling

#134- Indebted box set by Pepper Winters

#135-  Barefoot with a Bodyguard by Roxanne St. Claire


A book to keep your eye on…




Everything about this book cracks me up: A Grizzly Kind of Love by Georgette St. Claire, 145 pages, priced at #2.99, and categorized under Fantasy Romance and Werewolf Shifters. Heroine runs a matchmaking service, and has to turn the sexy, feral shape shifter into a gentleman. You can pretty much assume how this story is going down.

One review: This novel is light, funny, charming, has intrigue ans a bit of drama. Just like the other novels in the series is a perfect read for anyone who wants to laugh and have a hea!!!!”



Wynona Bennett, owner of The Mating Game, thinks everyone should find true love, so it goes against her instincts to arrange a mating of convenience. It’s even worse when it’s for a spoiled socialite with a shopping list where her soul should be. But when powerful people resort to blackmail, she either has to make semi-feral Zane Shepherd into an eligible match, or find herself behind bars.

It’s going to take a miracle. He’s bad-mannered, bad-tempered…and bad for Wynona’s bruised, once-bitten-twice-shy-heart. But Zane isn’t all he seems – underneath that wild exterior beats the heart of a true gentleman.

Can they foil his family’s murderous plans and find happiness? They have some unlikely allies in the shape of a tiny dog with a big instinct for trouble and a grammar-Nazi assassin who deals in terminal punctuation.


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