WTFckery or Not? You Decide!

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WTFckery or Not? You Decide!

Welcome to this week’s tingly in all the wrong places, WTFckery!


  1. A few WTF books and their covers:


What’s up with the alien’s strange blobby astronaut penis?




Lion and hot man abs makes for great reading!





Lots of hot sweaty fur flying around here!




2. I need this crocodile bookmark in my life! From Mental Floss:




“The Crocomark by Peleg Design resembles the top half of a crocodile, swimming just above the surface of your page-turner, while the rest of the reptile slips inside the book. Lifting the creature up reveals its sharp teeth and claws because, we assume, he’s devouring the story as hungrily as you are. You can get your own Crocomark here.”


3. Beer and pizza always go well together, right? From Eater:

“Now, a Pizza Hut in the United Kingdom is bringing the two together in a concoction that surely will make the heavens sing. Beer-infused pizza will be given a trial run this week at a London Pizza Hut outpost, reports the Mirror. “We know that craft beers are really popular right now and we’re celebrating this not just by adding craft beers to our menus, but also by adding this to our pizza dough,” Austin said. “It took our team many hours to perfect the recipes and flavor combinations, but all of their hard work definitely paid off as we’re thrilled with the results and can’t wait for our customers to try them.”


4. Yes to the donut ice “kreme” sandwich? Can we say major sugar decadence overload? From Mental Floss:



“The Cool Krispy Sandwich starts with a classic Original Glazed donut that’s been split down the middle. That serves as the vehicle for a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a scoop of raspberry gelato, and mixture of frozen berries. Japanese Krispy Kreme locations will be rolling out the cool treats on April 13, just in time for ice cream season.

The Cool Krispy looks relatively tame in comparison to Krispy Kreme-sandwich hybrids that have been created in the past. Last year, the donut chain teamed up with a Delaware minor league baseball team to create a bacon bit-covered hot dog served on a glazed donut bun. Krispy Kreme hamburgers are also a crowd favorite at several state fairs. If pairing donuts with ice cream sounds like more your speed, the new item will be available at locations across Japan for around $3.75.”


5. So much fun to eat a Whopper while sweating your butt off in the Burger King sauna! From Mental Floss:




“A Burger King located in Helsinki, Finland offers guests a full sauna and spa experience to go along with their burgers and fries. The spa features showers, Burger King-branded robes and towels, a laundry room, dressing room, and a 15-person sauna area.

It also features a media lounge that is fully equipped with a high-end audio system, a giant 55-inch TV screen, and a Playstation 4 (if sitting in a sauna isn’t already relaxing enough for you). There’s also a fully stocked refrigerator filled with soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, including a variety of beers and ciders. But the best part about the spa experience is that you can eat your Whopper and fries inside the sauna itself.

Burger King Finland allows guests to reserve three hours of spa time for €250 (about $284.50). If you opt to go on a Friday or Saturday night, the rental fee includes entry to a nearby restaurant and nightclub, so you can bring the party from Burger King to the dance floor.”


6. A tampon with Bluetooth capability may sound very WTF, but when you hear the reason, you may change your mind. From Gizmodo:


loading screen


“my.Flow, a new startup currently looking for additional funding, is hoping to save a slew of people from the mortification of period mishaps. It’s a tampon with Bluetooth connectivity—yes, you read that correctly—that that lets a user know when the tampon is completely saturated and needs to be changed.

The original concept included a Bluetooth module inside the tampon, but my.Flow found that many users were uncomfortable with having a wad of electronics shoved up their hoo hah. So the latest version, developed at an incubator in Beijing, is a tampon with an extra long string that connects to a Bluetooth module on your waist.

My.flow is expected to retail for $50 for the Bluetooth waistband module and $13 for a month’s supply of tampons. Traditional tampons usually cost between $9 and $10 a month. The initial version will feature “regular” flow tampons only, but my.flow hopes to partner with tampon manufactures to produce tampons for any flow.”


7. It’s all about the Kegels:




8. Evert cat owner needs the Licki Brush in their lives: “Have you always wanted to lick your cat but have fear of having a ball of hair stuck in the throat ? This dream is finally a reality with the ” Licki Brush “, a brush in the shape of a rough tongue giant to place in his mouth to brush his cat. Then you can lick your small animal without the risk of having hair all in your mouth. Note that this gadget WTF will benefit soon of a fundraising campaign on the website Kickstarter.”




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