Even the Score Book Review *Beth Ehemann*

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Even the Score Book Review *Beth Ehemann*



Single dad Andy Shaw loves his job as a sports agent, with one exception: it doesn’t leave him much time for his kids. No parent likes being sidelined, so Andy decides to hire someone to share the workload. But when one of the hottest agents in the industry applies, Andy knows that this deal is definitely trouble.

Danicka Douglas works her butt off, but being an attractive woman in a testosterone-heavy industry isn’t exactly a cakewalk. She guards her professional reputation fiercely, which means no crushing on her gorgeous boss. But the more they ignore that sexy little spark, the more it sizzles…

Just when it looks like romance might be in the game plan, Dani is threatened by a stalker with dark intentions. To keep her safe, Andy must cross the line between professional and very personal…because this time, he’s playing for keeps.

Even the Score by Beth Ehemann has a great premise with a workaholic single dad who loves his kids, and the ball busting, independent agent who ends up working with the hero, who owns his own agency. The main couple do have appealing personalities but when it comes to their budding romance and chemistry, it just isn’t there. There was too much of a concentration on the physical beauty of the hero and heroine from both sides that their personalities and charisma was more of an after thought. Also the one dimensional cartoonish character that is the hero’s ex-wife, including a not needed subplot about the heroine being harassed takes away what should have been an enjoyable romance featuring two mature people.

Andy loves his job so much that he works far too many long hours, and doesn’t have much time for his son and daughter. Most of the time his housekeeper/nanny is more of a parent to them than Andy. The excuses Andy makes for his long hours is because his selfish shrew of an ex-wife needs money for her lifestyle, even though she can’t be bothered with her children for more than one weekend a month. Why? No real reason other than his ex-wife is selfish. So Andy finally decides to hire another agent in his small office that only has an assistant/receptionist and his lawyer/contract guy. That’s were agent extraordinaire Danicka enters the picture.

Danicka is great at her job, even though she’s a women agent in a male dominate profession. She is going to leave her agency finally after one of her sports clients sexually harassed her, and her bosses didn’t care. The first introduction between Andy and Danicka doesn’t go smoothly. The interview was a bust because Andy accuses Danicka of lying. After that rude altercation and miscommunication is fixed, Danicak accepts the job with Andy. But it’s hard to keep things professional between them because they are both attracted to one another. You can assume what happens next with these two. How will Andy’s kids respond to Danicka in his life, and how will she handle the anonymous threats that have targeted her, causes her anxiety and fear that could not only ruin her new employment but her relationship with Andy?

Even the Score is a typical contemporary romance set in the business world, with business minded people in Andy and Danicka. But their characterizations just didn’t hold my interest, nor their budding love affair. They do come across as nice people, especially Andy who does love his children, but can’t handle all the stress in his life. Also the targets with Danicka come out of nowhere and doesn’t fit the tone of the overall story.

I barely finished Even the Score because it didn’t have much pop or anything to grab me by the throat as I read. It was what I consider a ho-hum read that could have done much better in the plot and overall characterization department with the main couple. (Montlake Romance)

Final Grade: C


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