WTFckery or Not? You Decide Book Cover Edition

Sep 25, 2016 by

WTFckery or Not? You Decide Book Cover Edition

Welcome to this Sunday’s WTFckery book, and their covers edition!


This tiger is not down with his human’s ripped jeans:




Fly Boys sure love their grey hoodies:




A love affair between a space barbarian and his sword:




Which floating head brother would you choose?




How many spicy meatballs are involved?




These sexy tigers are taking over Washington:




Poor druggie dino. Rehab is going to be a real bitch for him:




Crashing wayward hair with highlights is more like it:




Weiner gut is strong here:




Hipper is a Las Vegas magician who’s show is in serious need of an upgrade, but with ticket sales plummeting Hipper is running out of options. He needs the world’s greatest magic trick, and he needs it now.

The answer comes in the form of an eccentric scientist named Tomp, who promises real magic with the help of his five-piece box that cuts through the fabric of The Tingleverse using something called meta energy, and brings back a copy of whoever is placed inside. Unfortunately, when Hipper tests out the magic box, there is a malfunction that leaves him with a handsome sentient duplicate his own weiner.

Soon enough, Hipper and his living cock find themselves on a wild night out in Vegas, culminating in a hardcore weiner on weiner blowjob that will tingle you to the very core.


Christmas 003



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