Rescuing Rose Book Review *Nicola Marsh*

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Rescuing Rose Book Review *Nicola Marsh*




Rose Mathieson knows the only way is up. It has to be. She’s made some mistakes in her life, but almost losing her son is a wake-up call. More than that: it’s a call to action. It’s time to start again.

The town of Redemption, Connecticut, seems to offer exactly what she craves: a quiet, stable life for her and her six-year-old son, Olly. But Redemption has changed since she last saw it—or perhaps it’s just Rose who has changed. Her reputation precedes her now, and not everyone is happy to see her back.

Caden Shoreham is, though. Rose’s childhood neighbor, a preacher’s son, and now the pillar of the community, he’s embarking on an ambitious new path of his own. He had always hoped they might end up more than friends, but Rose Mathieson isn’t quite what his parents and friends had in mind for him.

Everyone deserves a chance—but has Rose used all her chances up?

Nicola Marsh continues to excel at writing small town romance with less than perfect characters. So is the case with Rose, a single mother who almost became a full blown alcoholic. In order to get well for the sake of her six-year-old son, Olly, she goes to rehab for a few months. When she comes out of rehab, she’s miraculously cured, or so it seems because she doesn’t crave a drink. Also she was living paycheck to paycheck, but had enough money to pay for rehab for a specific amount of time. If you can get passed these questionable issues, then you will enjoy Rescuing Rose (Redemption #2) because once Rose goes to live with her aunt, including her brother in the small town of Redemption, that’s where the story lifts off.

Rose is starting over in Redemption. She lives with the shame of barely making ends meet, and gave up her dream as a chef because she ended up getting pregnant by a world renowned celebrity chef, who died of a drug overdose while she was pregnant. She has been taking care of her son Olly the best way she knew how, even though she was working barely above minimum wage jobs, and turned to the bottle. Now back in Redemption she can rebuild her life because she has a great support system with her brother Jake, and her Aunt Cilla. She also has another person rooting for her. He’s Caden, a former childhood friend, who is running for mayor of the town, mainly because his parents are pushing him to do so. Caden never forgot Rose who used to visit Cilla, along with Jake in the summer

Caden and Rose strike up their friendship again, but it’s slow going between them because Rose has big trust issues, and Caden’s mother is dead set against Rose. Caden lost the woman he loved who his mother never liked. Also because Rose went to rehab for alcoholism, and is a single mother, she feels Rose isn’t good enough for Caden. Their family’s reputation is important, and if Caden is with Rose, he could lose his shot at mayor and the respect of the town. But Caden doesn’t care. He spends most of his time getting Rose to trust him. Olly adores him, which should give Rose a good sign that Caden is a great guy. But Rose’s past continues to haunt her, making her unsure if she can give Caden what he needs.

Rescuing Rose is a great small town romance with likable characters. Rose is more down to earth and dimensional here, unlike in Saving Sara, the first book with Jake in the starring role. She came across as selfish there, but here she’s scarred and fragile because she’s afraid of screwing up. She has big self-esteem issue,s which stems from being a single mother with unsteady work. Again we know she has a drinking problem, which is shown in the first few chapters, but then is dropped as soon as Rose moves to Redemption. That’s the one issue I couldn’t let go because there aren’t any after effects to Rose’s recovery or even the anxiety or urge to drink. The story mainly concentrates on getting Rose and Caden together. That’s the big focus, which is a type of trope done before in romances like this one.

The sensuality factor is minimal although the reader does witness the romantic elements with Rose and Caden. There aren’t any big surprises, just what type of HEA these two will have, and if everything will be resolved by the end.

Rescuing Rose is an easy read that you can lose yourself in for a few hours. (Montlake Romance)
Final Grade: B


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