Folly Cove Book Review *Holly Robinson*

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Folly Cove Book Review *Holly Robinson*



The Bradford sisters are famous in Rockport, Massachusetts: for their beauty, their singing voices, their legendary ancestors, and their elegant mother, Sarah, who has run the historic Folly Cove Inn alone ever since her husband disappeared.

The two youngest sisters, Anne and Elly, fled Folly Cove as soon as they could to pursue their dreams and escape the Bradford name, while Laura stayed and created a seemingly picture perfect life. After a series of bad decisions, Anne has no choice but to come home and face her critical mother and oldest sister, reluctantly followed by Elly, another Bradford woman who’s hiding something.

As the three sisters plan a grand celebration for their mother’s birthday, they struggle to maintain the illusions about their lives that they’ve so carefully crafted. But when painful old wounds reopen and startling family secrets are revealed, they soon discover that even the seemingly unbreakable bonds of sisterhood can be tested…


Folly Cove by Holly Robinson is a women’s fiction that teaches a moral from the way the four main characters deal with their lives. This is about a mother, and her three daughters, all of whom have very distinct personalities and how they deal with the ups and downs that comes their way. Folly Cove would be a great TV movie on Lifetime or the Hallmark channel because it does have a heartfelt message and spotlights important issues such as infidelity, trying to find one’s place in the world, and family secrets that could destroy lives.

Sarah is celebrating her 65th birthday, but she may be older. She hides many secrets as the owner of the much beloved and respected Folly Cove Inn. Her alcoholic husband left her when her three daughters were very young, and she has no clue if he’s alive or dead. She’s elegant, stoic and somewhat of a snob. While she’s trying to come to terms with her birthday, her three daughters are all going through personal hardships.

There’s Laura, the eldest who appears to have the perfect marriage. Her husband is working long hours, and her pre-teen daughter is moody and has shut off all communications with her, including having issues with her weight. Laura can barely hold it together because even with her horse farm, she’s bleeding money, which her husband is responsible for. He may or may not be having an affair. The mistrust is there because years ago she caught her younger sister Anne kissing her husband, Jake. But not all is what it seems with Anne and Jake.

Anne has come back to Folly Cove with a baby daughter in tow. She got pregnant by a married man. Ashamed, she asks her mother for help, even though it kills her to do so because she and her mother don’t get along. Then there is Laura who assumes Anne will try and seduce Jake. Anne just wants to figure out the next steps to make things right with her family, including a possible old flame from her teen years who may not be the best person for her because of his own personal issues. But at least she has her sister Elly for support.

Elly works in Hollywood, but has become bored with the scene. She s taking a break, which means returning home. She is the buffer between Laura and Anne. She also helps Laura’s daughter with her growing pains, as well as find out what Jake is hiding. She also wishes for more, which maybe in the form of the younger man she left behind.

The Bradford women are portrayed as strong and admirable, but also shown as human with the way they handle situations that arise. We all can sympathize with them, especially with a mother who is very opinionated with her daughters. Some readers may not connect with Sarah like the three other women because she acts too high and mighty. We find out why she does toward the end, which is a bit of a surprise, but nothing too shocking. The big shock is Laura’s husband Jake and his secrets. When those are revealed it’s a big whoa moment because I never would have expected that. Anne and Elly are more down to Earth and likeable. Their stories are more simple, and include a touch of romance for both.

Folly Cove is a solid read with a mash-up of Women’s Fiction and Small Town Family Drama. Also the HEA is pretty nice. (Berkley)

Final Grade: B



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