WTFckery or Not. You Decide?

Dec 18, 2016 by

WTFckery or Not. You Decide?

Welcome to this week’s festive and strange WTFckery!


This warrior’s pledge is his sword that is a great back scratcher:



Very beary ken doll cut abs!



This is a very timely cover based on the state of US politics:



“Years ago at college Donald Trump embarked on an erotic journey with his new roommate Vladimir Putin. Donald learned about his need for submission. Vladimir gladly filled that hole in Donald’s life. Now years later Trump needs it again.”


2. Oh McDonalds, you’re so cheeky during the holidays. From The Gothamist:


Click here for the cheeky tweet


“From a certain angle, the mysterious shape looks like a pair of mittens—which makes sense since “Warmest Greetings” is written on it, and mittens keep you warm. But maybe that’s just what they want you to think while you sip on your holiday peppermint mocha frappe.”


3. Because we all need a poopin’ moose in our lives. From Mental Floss:



4. Yeah…. snowboarding, sure….:




5. Coolest thing coming to NYC- the Giant Bronze Hippo Ballerina. From Mental Floss:



“An unusual type of ballerina is coming to New York City’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Hippo Ballerina, a sculpture by Danish artist Bjørn Okholm Skaarup, is going to be placed across the street from the famous performance space this winter thanks to the city’s Art in the Parks program. Adorned in a copper tutu and weighing over 2.5 tons, the mammalian sculpture is more than 15 feet tall, and will stand in Dante Park at the corner of Broadway and 64th Street. On display until July 2017.”


6. Hmmm hot chocolate on a stick. From Oddity Mail:



“$13.95: You’ve got some hot chocolate on a stick. You have two options. Option 1, you can dip the hot chocolate sticks into a cup of hot water to quickly and easily make your own homemade scrumptious hot chocolate. Option 2, you can simply each the brick of solid hot chocolate like the monster you are. Personally I’d probably opt for the latter option.”


7. Simon’s Cat Winter!



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