KT Grant’s Hip Titles on Payhip for 10-30% Off

Jan 3, 2017 by

As well as The New Year’s Fantasy discounted at .99 cents for the this month, I decided to discount my other self published titles through an online vendor service call Payhip (author Jim Hines tried the service, as well). Payhip is another way to sell your eBooks, music, videos, photography, fonts, software, courses, digital art and other downloadable products. As a self published author, I’m trying new ways to self my content, aka my books to consumers, aka my readers. 

For readers, it’s very easy to use when buying there, mainly using Paypal. You also get choice of any digital format- mobi, epub or PDF when buying one of my titles.

I have 7 titles discounted off from 10-30% when you use a coupon code below. Click here to check out my product page.


Here are the titles you can buy for 10-30% through Payhip:


30% off The Gate (Dark Path Series #1)  Code: 55BVL017TA



30% off The Key (Dark Path Series #2)  Code: P1GVPDO1HD



30% off The Lock (Dark Path Series #3) Code: UI2HRAAUN7



30% off The Dark Path Series Collection (The Gate, The Key, and The Lock)  Code:AOZAQVYKR7




10% off This Time Now  Code:IXAIA0H14A




10% off Always Been You  Code:F5FUZJAEHY



30% off Burning For You (Lovestruck #2)  Code: B04VDGPHOP


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