George Orwell’s 1984 and Lisa Gardner’s Right Behind You On Top This Week

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George Orwell’s 1984 and Lisa Gardner’s Right Behind You On Top This Week

For the second week in a row, George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984 is the biggest seller in adult fiction with over 50,000 in combing digital and print sales.  This book continues to sell like crazy, along with the usual suspects, such as Danielle Steel, James Patterson, and Nora Roberts, all of whom are selling more than 25,000 + sales a week.



Not much in terms of new books making big waves this week.  Lisa Gardner’s Right Behind You sold over 11,000 in hard cover this week, which seems to be the norm for hard cover sales. In terms of mass market, along with digital sales, romance authors continue to rule here, such as Kat Martin’s Into the Firestorm, Lynsay Sands’ Falling for the Highlander, and Eloisa James’ Seven Minutes in Heaven with close to 20,000 in sales. Fifty Shades Darker by El James, who made erotic Twilight fan fiction a mega success, is back on the charts with over 8,000 in print and close to 50,000 in sales since the beginning of 2017.


Let’s take a look at the top 100 best sellers in adult fiction on the USA Today chart…

We star start at #9 with Billionaire Unknown by J.S. Scott

#26- Kristin Higgins’ On Second Thought

#32- Laura Griffin’s At Close Range

#34- Debbie Macomber’s Alaska Nights

#38- Skye Warren’s The Knight, and #75 with The Pawn

#53- Good Boy by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

#70- Carnival by Stephanie Garber

#79- Crown of Lies by Pepper Winters

#84- Forged in Desire by Brenda Jackson

#87- Wicked Cowboy Charm by Carolyn Brown

#97- Brambleberry House by RaeAnne Thayne


Some books to pay attention to that are heating up the charts elsewhere….

A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart, $3.99 and a Military Romance.



Sometimes your life is split by a single decision.

I’ve spent every day of the last seven years regretting mine: he left, and I didn’t follow. A thousand letters went unanswered, my words like petals in the wind, spinning away into nothing, taking me with them.

But now he’s back.

I barely recognize the man he’s become, but I can still see a glimmer of the boy who asked me to be his forever, the boy I walked away from when I was young and afraid.

Maybe if he’d come home under better circumstances, he could speak to me without anger in his voice. Maybe if I’d said yes all those years ago, he’d look at me without the weight of rejection in his eyes. Maybe if things were different, we would have had a chance.

One regretted decision sent him away. One painful journey brought him back to me. I only wish I could keep him.


Rock My by Vivian Wood, .99 cents, and a Romantic Comedy



A bad boy rockstar needs a fake girlfriend…

Not a girl to fall in love with him when the cameras fall away…

When I walked into the party that night, I was worried about my black minidress being too short… I never realized that I was going to meet him.

Rhys Grant, lead singer of Misery, one of hottest bands on the freaking planet.

Rhys isn’t just any tanned, muscular bad boy dripping with sex appeal. He’s so hot he’s practically adonis himself. … and the way he sings… he owns that stage.

And he’s interested in me.

Well, okay, fake interested. He needs a sweet girl on his arm for the cameras, to smile and look like he’s settled on. Public Relations 101. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Right in the middle of that party, pulling down that mini skirt and feeling so out of place.

Of course I said yes! How could I ever say no? But the more I find out about Rhys, the more I see the man behind the microphone and tabloids.

I don’t want to be one of a thousand screaming fans. When he kisses me, when he touches me… suddenly I want to be his one and only.

Paparazzi, crazed band managers, overdoses… Rhys’ lifestyle will either drive me away forever or ruin me for all other men.

But one thing’s for sure… he’s going to Rock Me to my core.


A Wanton Women by Vanessa Vale, .99 cents and an Erotica Western Romance.



Celia Lawrence can’t show her face in her conservative, small town. First, she discovered her husband in bed with another man’s wife, and then she witnessed both their murders. While she didn’t pull the trigger, small town gossip is not forgiving and everywhere she goes she is chastised for not being woman enough to keep her straying husband at home. Eager to flee her old life, Celia heads to Colorado as a mail-order bride.

As mayor of Slate Springs, Colorado, Luke Benson is expected to set the example. Their small town is hidden away in a remote mountainous region where few women have the courage or desire to tread. As mayor, it falls to him to test out their newly passed law and share a wife with his brother. The truth is, Luke has no interest in a woman of his own, and agrees to a mail-order bride out of duty, not anticipation.

His brother, Walker, is jaded and hard after the death of his first wife and unborn child. For Walker, loving again is out of the question. But a man has needs, and he’ll eagerly take his pleasure from their new bride while expecting Luke to provide the tenderness and caring a woman expects.

A marriage based on everything but love should be doomed. But Celia, Luke and Walker discover one thing they have in common: desire. Will that be strong enough to survive the danger that follows Celia from Texas? Will desire be strong enough to teach three broken that sometimes you have to risk everything for love?


Banking the Billionaire by Max Monroe, $4.99 and a Contemporary Romance.



Uninhibited. Sarcastic. Confident. Beautiful.
With a thriving photography career that allows her to travel all over the world and capture the hottest of men behind her camera lens, Cassie Phillips is the woman who can’t be tamed.

Adrenaline-junkie. Jokester. Billionaire. Hot-as-sin.
At six-foot-five, with muscles for days, and that perfect playful smile, Thatcher Kelly is the kind of man you don’t want to deny.

Wild for wild.
Prank for prank.
The two most unlikely of people may be the only ones to see that some personality traits only run skin deep.

Uncensored. Hilarious. And too damn hot to put into words.
Grab a fan and get ready for one hell of a ride because when the opposite of opposites attract, things are bound to get a little messy.


The Bear’s Healing Touch by Bianca D’Arc, $2.99 and a Paranormal Romance.



Sven had given up on love, but in the midst of crisis, it showed up at his door.

Sirena has been gravely injured by an evil sea monster and put into the care of Grizzly Cove’s only doctor. Sven is a retired soldier, like most of the other guys in Grizzly Cove, but he’d dedicated his life to medicine and helping the new town get on its feet. He doesn’t think he’ll ever find a mate, but he’s content to let the others settle down and find happiness, while he tends to them all… Until they send a gravely injured mermaid his way.

Sirena gets under his skin. She brings out all sorts of protective instincts and desires. She infuriates him and beguiles him in equal measure, but most of all, she worries him. She’s not getting any better, despite his best efforts. He calls in magical reinforcements and the best experts he can find to try to help her, but the evil creature still has its hooks in her and it won’t let go without a fight.


An upcoming release you should keep your eye on…


(April 18th, Berkley)


FBI agents Jessica Harlow and John Shepherd have a past. The former lawyer and cocky Army ranger clashed during their training at Quantico, gladly going their separate ways after graduating from the Academy. Six years later, the last thing either of them expects is to run into each other again–assigned to work as partners in a high-profile undercover sting.

For both of them, being paired with a former rival couldn’t come at a worse time. Recently divorced from a Hollywood producer and looking for a fresh start, Jessica is eager to prove herself at her new field office. And John is just one case away from his dream assignment to the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team. In order to nail a corrupt Florida politician, they’ll have to find a way to work as a team–a task that becomes even trickier when they’re forced to hole up at a romantic, beachfront resort as part of the investigation. Suddenly, the heat behind their nonstop sparring threatens to make the job a whole lot more complicated. . .



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