HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Steamy Nights, Cool Lights by KT Grant

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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Steamy Nights, Cool Lights by KT Grant


(Lesbian Contemporary Romance set in Iceland)

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Kennedy Segal travels to Reykjavik, Iceland for a once in a lifetime business trip to sign a multi-million dollar deal for Segal Holdings, her older brother’s billion-dollar company. The first night she’s there, she meets an alluring woman only known as Marella, who tempts Kennedy in ways she has never been tempted before.

What should have been a one-night stand, becomes more because Marella is also Svana Landvik, former European pop star who left it all behind to run one of the biggest breweries on Iceland.

Kennedy’s mistake with Svana may ruin everything she has achieved, including the respect she has been striving for her entire life. But if Svana has her say, Kennedy may have a bright new future with a woman who wants much more than just a fling.


Exclusive Excerpt:

She stretched her arms over her head and curled her fingers around the top of the mattress, bracing for the wicked tongue lashing Marella would give her

The mattress dipped near Kennedy’s hips. When fingers traced the teardrop tattoo, Kennedy opened her eyes and turned her head. Marella knelt naked before her. Her wide, oval breasts would overflow Kennedy’s hands. A diamond star ring in her navel showcased her flat stomach. Her mound was hidden from view, to her disappointment. Other than the cursive font tattoo on the inside of her right wrist, her body was unmarred by ink.

“You have a tattoo. You don’t seem the type.” Marella continued to stroke there.

“It’s to remember a friend who died.” An image of the woman she loved flashed through her head, dampening her arousal.

Marella ran her hand up and down Kennedy’s back. “A wonderful tribute. Just like mine for my family.”

“Something we have in common. Loss.” She started to turn on her side, but Marella flattened her palm on her back and bent toward her.

“This isn’t the time for sadness. Let’s celebrate life.” She pressed her lips on Kennedy, who opened her mouth. Marella responded by dipping her tongue in once, and then twice, ending things before they became too out of control.

Kennedy then fell back on her stomach and lowered her cheek to the mattress. “Make me forget.”

“I’ll do more than make you forget.” She nipped Kennedy’s earlobe. “I’ll make you lose your mind.”

“Then I’ll do the same.”

“Oh yeah.” Marella used her teeth to nip, making Kennedy jerk. Soon she became slick again, her pulse mounting to a fever pitch that made her want to scream.




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