KT’s Adventures in Europe: Budapest, Hungary (Part 2)

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KT’s Adventures in Europe: Budapest, Hungary (Part 2)

I made a friend in Budapest


After visiting Amsterdam, my next stop was Budapest, Hungary. I took Easy Jet, which was a 2 hour flight. Easy Jet is “a British airline, operating under the low-cost carrier model, based at London Luton Airport. It operates domestic and international scheduled services on over 820 routes in more than 30 countries.” I used Easy Jet twice- Amsterdam to Budapest, and Prague back to Amsterdam for my flight home to the US.

I wasn’t sure what to expect while visiting Budapest. I am so glad I did, because Budapest is an amazing city. It was one of my favorite stops on this trip. The architecture alone will astound you. A great way to view the city is take to a boat ride on the Danube River (I did!). Budapest is also incredibly affordable. I stayed at the Hotel Rum, another hotel in the heart of the city (a Starbucks was on the corner). I mention Starbucks, because you will find one everywhere, including McDonalds, H&M, KFC and Burger King. For some reason, these well known places to eat and shop were in all the cities I visited while in Europe. Hotel Rum also had breakfast included in the room price, and offered a free welcome drink (warm mulled wine) at their restaurant.


Drink menu at the Hotel Rum. Unfortunately I didn’t try the Monkey Cock.


Budapest is full of culture and history. The buildings and architecture are a thing of beauty. The city is a feast for the eyes…

The amazing parliament building, the biggest in the world!

Budapest is full of thermal baths and hot springs, even more so than in Iceland. Visiting a spa is a must do thing to go here. I made sure to spend a few hours at the Széchenyi Thermal Baths, the largest medicinal bath in Europe. There are both indoor and outdoor baths that are great to soak in. Since the weather in Budapest was comfortable for winter- around 35 degrees, soaking in these baths were great. The indoor baths have the scent of menthol and minerals, and the outdoor bath is huge. There are many packages you can choose from, that range in price. The one I choose had flip-flops and a towel I took home with me. The only downside is with the crowds. Because if was off-season, the crowds weren’t too bad. But imagine what it would be like in the summer? Also if you’re not a fan of sharing hot tub like pools or saunas with many people, the thermal baths of Budapest may not be for you.

Did you know Hungary has many vineyards? Hungary has many excellent wines, mainly white and blushes. Hungary doesn’t sell their wines outside their country. Wines are sold mainly in Budapest or in the surrounding areas. On average, the wineries produce 10,000-15,000 bottles a year to sell in Budapest. As an American, the price of wine and beer is super cheap- $2 for beer, $8 for a nice bottle of wine. I went on a wine tour through The Etyek City Wine Tour, which was excellent. I recommend booking Etyek for all your wine tour needs. With my party of three, we had a personal wine tour, and visited 3 wineries. At the final winery, we had a home cooked dinner from the winery owner himself. This was my favorite tour during my European trip:

One of the wineries I visited

Winery cat keeps watch


Delicious food I ate while in Budapest:

Homemade dinner of beef stew!

 This is a Chimney Cake, a popular dessert in Hungary. It’s hollow in the center, and it comes I various flavors- Chocolate, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Walnut, and more!

Duck salad with a side of pickles

Coming up next is my travels in Vienna, Austria (home of Mozart) and Prague, CR (party city), with a side of Dresden, Germany (beautiful churches and art galleries)

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