KT’s Adventures in Europe: Vienna, Austria (Part 3)

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KT’s Adventures in Europe: Vienna, Austria (Part 3)

Mozart loves showing off his chocolates in Vienna

The next stop on my European adventure after an incredible visit to Budapest was Vienna, Austria, home of decadent pastries, dessert, and classical music (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of Vienna’s most beloved artists)

I took a train from the Budapest train station (above) to Vienna. It was a 2 hours trip. Riding by train is a great way to get around Europe. Once I arrived in Vienna, it was a short walk to my hotel- Motel One Wien-Staatsoper. The Wien-Straarsoper is a newer, modern hotel that is very close to the main city center, and a few streets away from the Vienna Opera House. This hotel didn’t have breakfast included, but for under 13 euros, you could get a full breakfast. For some reason the Wien-Straatsoper had some of the strongest coffee I had during my stay in Europe. I definitely woke up after a cup or two of their coffee (espresso is very popular to drink, more so than coffee from what I witnessed on my travels).


Mho Fho enjoying his bed


Vienna is a big commuter city. A great underground subway, including a tram, aka their bus, and many cars. For some reason only Amsterdam was big on bicycles. Budapest, Vienna, and even Prague not so. But Vienna is another great city to walk around and see the sights. If you want to explode, I recommend buying the Vienna PASS, which is around 60 euros. You hop on and hop off the bus as you visit various places in the city. Because I did the Vienna Pass, I was able to visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Sigmund Freud museum, Mozart Haus Museum, the Prater amusement park where I rode a Ferris Wheel and checked out Madame Tusssauds.

Only 11 euros to visit: “The Mozarthaus Vienna was Mozart’s residence from 1784 to 1787. This building in Vienna’s Old Town, not far from St. Stephen’s Cathedral, is his only surviving Viennese residence and is now a museum.”

If you’re in Vienna, I definitely recommend visiting the Mozarthaus. A great ode to a great man who love music, culture, money, fame, and had many friends. Some of the infamous rumors about Mozart through the years, including the portrayal of him in the movie Amadeus, are more fiction than fact.

Another place that is a must visit while in Vienna, is the majestic St. Stephen’s Cathedral. I was speechless by this incredible building, which is most important religious building in Vienna. It was built in the 12th century. Feast for your eyes:



Unfortunately, I didn’t attend a concert at the Vienna Opera House, but I did attend a concert featuring the music of Strauss an Mozart at the Kursalon, including a 4- course dinner. A lovely night with such beautiful music, signing, and dancing. This is something I would definitely recommend you do while in Vienna:

Soak up Austrian music and cuisine with a gourmet dinner and 2-hour concert at the Kursalon Vienna. Begin your evening with four courses of authentic fare at the Restaurant Johann inside the stunning Kursalon Vienna concert hall. After dinner, make your way to your seat in Lanner Hall for a performance of classical masterpieces from Mozart and Strauss, accompanied by ballet dancers and opera singers.”

Speaking of food, another great restaurant to eat at in Vienna is the Aida Café. The Aida has a 1950’s soda pop chop feel with great food and some yummy desserts. The color pink is big here.


Some other interesting things to see in Vienna….



I was so honored to have met the Queen Elizabeth and George Clooney at Madame Tussauds:


Budapest from a distance on the Ferris Wheel:


As for the food, my favorite meal on this trip was the goulash and potato dumplings. NOM NOM NOM:

Vienna is full of shops selling all types of chocolate, which was a surprise because I had though Vienna would be a big place for many cafes selling desserts. I was happy that I could buy chai tea, as well as have dessert after my dinner, which I did the final night in Vienna. The one big downside for me was my lack of excitement with the pastries and desserts in Vienna. Overall I wasn’t too impressed with the desserts and pastries, even though they were lovely to look at:Chai Tea with a side of vanilla custard cake (was a fan of the chai, but not a fan of this cake. The pastries and desserts of Vienna were a disappointment for me 🙁

Next up is my visit to Dresden, Germany (less than 2 hours away from Prague, CR) and Prague, the city of cobblestones, beer and the bridges filled with locks of true love…


Julie Andrews aka Maria Von Trapp wishes you safe travels!


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