Bedchamber Games Book Review *Tracy Anne Warren*

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Bedchamber Games Book Review *Tracy Anne Warren*


In this irresistible romance from the New York Times bestselling author of Happily Bedded Bliss, appearances can deceive, but the heart is not so easy to fool… — — Rosamund Carrow has spent years learning the law by assisting her barrister father, despite the frustrating truth that the profession is closed to women. When he dies unexpectedly, necessity compels her to disguise herself as a man so she can step into the courtroom to finish his cases. She’s willing to put her reputation at risk, but she never expects that the greatest peril will be to her heart…

Lord Lawrence Byron is a rising star in London’s legal circles, despite his reputation as an unrepentant rakehell. When an upstart young barrister defeats him in court, he’s determined to discover everything he can about his rival. He’s stunned when he uncovers the shocking secret that his new opponent is actually a beguiling, brilliant woman, one he can’t help but want in his bed. Passion draws them together as they break all the rules, but it may lead to something more lasting like love…


Bedchamber Games (The Rakes of Cavendish Square #3) by Tracy Anne Warren is an enjoyable historical romance with some stereotypical tropes found in this genre. The heroine is like a breath of fresh air, and the hero, although a lofty type of lord, is more of a beta than an alpha. Also Tracy Anne Warren gives her story a bit of a feminist slant is with the heroine who dresses up as a man, and acts one as well so she can be a barrister because her brother has a stuttering problem. Watching the heroine pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, including the hero’s will make you smile.

Rosamond arrives on the scene undercover as a barrister after her father dies. She will borrow her cousin Ross from the country’s identity and try a few cases, along with her brother, who is not the best public speaker. Rose will play the part for a few months, and the disappear, becoming Rose again. She still has to be careful when she’s being a man. But then someone notices her, more so than everyone else. He is Lawrence Bryon, and there is something about the young Ross that Lawrence likes. He befriends Ross, which causes Rose some stress because if Lawrence figures out who she really is, not only will her short lived career be over, but she and her brother could get in a lot of trouble.

It’s no surprise that Lawrence does figure out about Rose, and against her better judgment, they have a secret affair, knowing nothing more can come of it than physical pleasure. Complications are afoot for these two because Lawrence may or may not be courting a judges daughter, and Rose’s reputation may be destroyed if anyone finds out she is Lawrence’s lover.

Bedchamber Games is full of games and fun in bedchambers between Lawrence and Rose. More than half the novel is them having sex and more sex. But their HEA isn’t easy, and major roadblocks pop up, causing them to separate. Their separation leads to a somewhat winceworthy ending, especially because of the consequences of their love affair, leaving Rose in a very bad spot. The way things are tied up happens too fast and is a bit unbelievable that took away from the overall enjoyment I found here. its far too fairy tale like, and the type of ending I’ve read far too many times in the past. It comes across as stale and tired.

If not for the lacking ending, Bedchamber Games would have been a pleasurable historical romance with a couple you root for. But for fans of historical romance, they will probably find a satisfactory read. (Jove)

Final Grade: B


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