WTFckery or Not? You Decide!

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WTFckery or Not? You Decide!

Welcome to this week’s wacky WTFckery!


It’s not a true WTFckery until you have WTF books and their covers:

Cover twinsies!

Dragon vs. Bigfoot. Who wins?


Nipple eyes are keeping close watch:



Nothing says romance like a creepy hand and a dead woman floating in water:



2. Would you spend $15,000 to eat at one of Disneyland’s restaurants? From Eater:



“For the money that it would cost to buy a four-door hatchback — say, a Kia Rio or a Ford Fiesta — you could treat yourself and 11 friends to a meal at Disneyland’s extravagant new boîte, 21 Royal. The meal kicks off with cocktails in a courtyard lined with lanterns and firefly lights, followed by a seven-course dinner in the main dining room prepared by executive chef Andrew Sutton and chef de cuisine Justin Monson. Guests can have coffee and dessert inside the dining room or out on the balcony, which has a view of the park’s fireworks show. The price tag also includes park admission for 12 guests — which in itself would cost more than $1,200 — plus tax, tip, parking, and valet service from the Grand California Hotel.”


3. Looks like automation ala robots taking over human jobs is coming fast. Check out McDonalds. From Eater:



“A McDonald’s in Boston is preparing to unveil a Big Mac ATM that will enable customers to be served without coming face-to-face with any human workers, the Boston Globe reports. Much like a regular ATM, the Big Mac ATM doesn’t actually make the product it dispenses: “The burgers are cooked on-site at [a nearby] McDonald’s and then immediately loaded into the heated machine, which is refilled on an ongoing basis to ensure fresh quality,” local owner-operator Vincent Spadea explains.”


4. For bacon lovers everywhere- a toaster that cooks bacon. From Gizmodo:



“The Bacon Express, a toaster that cooks delicious slices of pork instead of bread. Like your ice cream maker, waffle maker, and popcorn machine, the $40 Bacon Express is really only capable of one task in the kitchen: cooking bacon. The vertical heating element has enough capacity for six slices of bacon, and a pair of doors seal the heat, grease, and goodness inside. A dial on the side also lets you adjust cooking times, while a tray at the bottom collects grease drippings so they’re easy to dispose of, or use for other purposes.”


5. What everyone needs in their backyard- Flaming Pile of Skulls. From Gizmodo:



“These adult-sized noggins are made in America and designed to work with any propane or natural gas fire pit. It’s unclear how well they’d hold up in a classic, country-style wood fire, although the vendor on Amazon claims that the skulls are made of the same “type of ceramic material that NASA uses to test rocket engines on” and can withstand temperatures up to 3000-degrees Fahrenheit. They’re also heavy enough to withstand wind gusts, which is always a nice feature on any fire-related item, and they’ll also work in gas fireplaces. The faux human skull fire logs are an expensive indulgence. Each one will cost you $65, although you can also buy a three-pack for $190. They also come in black, brown, white, and “aged dark grey skull.”


6. Great cake to give to someone who has a fear of clowns. From Cakewrecks:



7. Cute WTFckery alert: Hedgehog tea infuser. From mental Floss:


“Forget hogging the tea all to yourself, invite this delightfully pointy pal to tea time! Just fill Cute-Tea hedgehog with your favorite loose tea leaves, and hang its little paws on the edge of your mug. Enjoy the smiles while your tea brews.”


8. Needs more Money Dick:



9. The deep affection cats have for window cleaners:



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