WTFckery or Not? You Decide!

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WTFckery or Not? You Decide!

Welcome to this week’s twisted WTFckery!


Some WTF book and their covers to get the ball rolling…


Historical back breaking romance at it’s best:



Sniffing her chin has never been so sexy!



Count on Chuck Tingle to take advantage of the Frye Festival fiasco:



What is the Fyre Fiasco, you may ask? “The concert, which had been promoted by the likes of models Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Hailey Baldwin as a weekend of luxury — tickets ranged from $1,000 to $12,000, with some VIP packages as high as $250,000 — turned out to be anything but extravagant. Instead of fancy bungalows and food prepared by celebrity chefs, festival-goers found themselves trapped in airports, sleeping in flimsy tents, and eating boxed lunches.”


2. Reebok and Nordstrom have an appealing outfit for those one percenters who can afford over $over 800 total for a T-shirt and jeans that has fake mud and sweat on it. The rich lazy man’s way of looking like they do hard work (without lifting a finger, unless it’s to put a charge on their Amex Centurion card. From The Consumerist:



Created by the hard working Reebok employees who always find time to sweat it out during the day. We’re putting in the hard work for you and giving you a pre-sweated tee for that post-workout look and smell.

Authentic sweat for those who don’t have time to put in the real work

Actual stains that will last forever (do not wash)

Accurate placement of stains created by sweaty employees after workout for maximum visibility


3. Gummy Bears as a Detox? From The Kitchn:


“It all started last year as an April Fool’s joke, but the prank turned into an “out of the box” idea when gullible consumers started calling Sugarfina to inquire about the fictional candy. Seeing the response, the luxe candy store used Pressed Juicery’s popular veggie- and fruit-packed green juice as inspiration to create a delicious (and maybe healthy-ish) treat. The gummies are fat-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, contain no artificial colors or flavors, and each serving provides you with 20 percent of your daily Vitamins A and C. Made in Germany, the green juice-inspired treats are made of “a proprietary blend of natural spinach, apple, lemon, and ginger concentrate,” according to Sugarfina. ”


4. Beer + Yoga together sounds amazing. From Daily Mail:



“The movement, called ‘Bieryoga’, started in Berlin in 2015 and has spread to cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Despite gushing that they are ‘passionate about beer’, Emily and Jhula insisted the craze was not all fun and games. Beer Yoga is fun but it’s no joke – we take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness,’ the Bieryoga official site reads. 


5. Speaking of more wacky yoga fun, why not have goats join in on the fun? From Daily Mail:



“Goat yoga may be the latest fitness trend… but would you ever give the strange exercise a go? In a bizarre clip released on Friday, a group of keen yoga fans can be seen taking part in a fitness session with a bunch of furry farm animals jumping all over them. The session took place at Jenness Farm in the town of Nottingham in New Hampshire. The farm, founded in 2001, offers the unusual activity alongside the little animals who have free rein to climb over the participants. ”


6. Would you ever cook steak in your dishwasher?



7. STD and baseball go so well together:



8. Always beware of the llamas!




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