WTFckery or Not? You Decide: Book Cover Edition

Apr 23, 2017 by

WTFckery or Not? You Decide: Book Cover Edition

Welcome to this week’s WTFckery! It’s all about WTF books and their covers today.


All stone cold gargoyles must wear a leather jacket and leather pants to show off his sexy cold stoniness:



A tender love story about an alpha and his devotion to his floating pet dragon:



No clue what’s going on here, with the exception of a tongue dripping ketchup:



This cover is so appropriate to show goat dancing, don’t you think?



Crazy tree looks like it’s ready to take a long nap:


If this dude’s ball peen is only worth a dollar, I would say look elsewhere for better peen balling:



Even sentient sex craved butts believe in climate change:



Sorso is an angry man. As the driver of a big ass truck, he can’t understand why the liberal media is trying hard to push global warming down his throat, especially when the whole thing is nothing more than a hoax.

But the world is changing, and even Sorso’s peers are realizing that manmade global warming is more than just a partisan issue, it’s a human issue. This drives stubborn Sorso into a rage, but his tantum is stopped short by a speeding car that sends him directly to the hospital.

When Sorso realizes that a liberal is responsible for saving his life, he’s forced to confront a brand new reality, and must say goodbye to the physical manifestation of his own ignorant environmental opinions, a handsome tree named Yerm who has a taste for hardcore anal poundings.


Only HE can twist her neck until it pops off:



Thumb sucking romance is the next and up and coming trend?



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