John Sandford and David Baldacci On Top This Week

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John Sandford and David Baldacci On Top This Week

Not much in terms of excitement this week with new adult fiction releases charting. The usual suspects have hit the top 10 on the charts like they always do, such as John Standford with Golden Prey (over 36,000 in print, close to 50,000 combined). David’s Baldacci’s The Fix is still doing well, and near Standford’s sales. Ruth Ware’s The Woman in Cabin 10, and James Patterson’s The Black Book are also near the 30,000 sale range.



At the USA Today top 100 this week, things start for new romances at #14 with Kresley Cole’s Wicked Abyss (also hit the top 10 on the NYT Combined list).

#37- Falling for Rachel by Nora Roberts

#39- Hideaway by Fern Michaels

#46- Here Comes Trouble by Debbie Macomber

#52- Once You’re Mine by Barbara Freethy

#56- Before I Met You by Karina Halle

#61- Son of a Beard by Lani Lynn Vale

#64- My Defender by Alanea Alder

#69- Blade Bound by Chloe Neill

#88- Seized by Seduction by Brenda Jackson

#89- Dangerous Behavior by Nancy Bush

#91- Lost Ride by Harper Sloan

#92- Preppy by T.M. Frazier


Here are some other romances heating up the charts at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords:

Amazon: Count on Me by Abigail Graham, .99 cents Contemporary Romance


Count Conrad’s word is law, and he’s decreed I will give him a baby!

I was desperate, alone and lost. Like a white knight, Count Conrad took me in, giving me food, shelter, and a warm bed.

I didn’t know the bed would be his.

He expects me to serve him—in every way! But I’m not surrendering to his arrogance that easily.

Except every word he speaks is a sin, sensual and teasing. He’s a cold as the castle walls and harder than the stones, but I think he likes my resistance. When every conversation is like foreplay and every meal a battle, every night becomes a struggle to not give in to our desires.

I should leave, but he says I can’t escape. Not from him, and not from the connection we have. I don’t want to believe him, but it feels like we’re linked. He might act like a beast, but there’s beauty in his soul.

But he hasn’t told me the complete truth.

The castle keeps dark secrets, and the truth will put our lives in the greatest of danger

Amazon: Delivering Dante by Lucy Lennox, $3.99 Gay Romance


AJ: I know Dante’s story better than anyone. After all, I was the one who rescued him from his homophobic, abusive father eight years ago. Since then, I’ve kept my distance, but when I run into him at the Marian House gala and he doesn’t recognize me, I can’t resist the incredible, sensitive man he’s become.

I would do anything to protect Dante Marian, but what if his past keeps me from being part of his future?

Dante: Every new relationship has obstacles, it just turns out that ours involves my bumbling inexperience (ugh), an octogenarian naughty toy party (don’t ask), and being on the run in an RV with Aunt Tilly (it involves the Secret Service— no really, don’t ask).

When my biological father takes his homophobic views on a national platform, the only way to stand up for what I believe in is to claim my past and confront him. So now it’s time to decide: do I put the past behind me and walk away from AJ for good or face my biggest fear and fight for what’s mine?


Barnes and Noble: Your Alluring Love by Layla Hagen, $3.99 Contemporary Romance



Alice Bennett has been holding a torch for her older brother’s best friend, Nate, for more than a decade. He’s a hotshot TV producer who travels the world, never staying in San Francisco for too long. But now he’s in town and just as tempting as ever… with a bossy streak that makes her weak in the knees and a smile that melts her defenses.

As a successful restaurant owner, Alice is happy with her life. She loves her business and her family, yet after watching her siblings find their happy ever after, she can’t help feeling lonely sometimes—but that’s only for her to know.

Nate has always had a soft spot for Alice. Despite considering the Bennetts his family, he never could look at her as just his friend’s little sister. She’s a spitfire, and Nate just can’t stay away. He loves making her laugh… and blush.

Their attraction is irresistible, and between stolen kisses and wicked-hot nights, they form a deep bond that has them both yearning for more.

But when the chance of a lifetime comes knocking at his door, will Nate chase success even if it means losing Alice, or will he choose her?


Barnes and Noble: Mated to the Cyborgs by Grace Goodwin, $4.95 Sci-Fi Romance

FBI Agent Kristin Webster has spent the last eight years tracking and taking down the worst of humanity. She’s seen to much to believe she could ever trust a human man, but the promise of a perfect match through the Coalition’s Interstellar Brides Program has her settling into the testing chair to be matched to her alien mate. But her match isn’t a male from a distant planet, but two Earth men on the Colony. And the cruelty that evil can spread? It’s not unique to Earth, and it’s not always human.

Smashwords: Cole and His Dog by Edward Kendrick, $4.99 Paranormal Gay Romance

Kicked out of his home at eighteen, Cole ends up at The Haven, a drop-in spot for homeless teens, run by Adam Franks. Unable to spend the nights there, he ends up sleeping rough, is attacked by a pair of punks — and rescued by a Bullmastiff he names Bull.

Cole and Bull become inseparable. Cole also meets, and is attracted to, Ky, a friend of Adam’s, who twice saves Cole from more attackers. After the second attack, things suddenly change in Cole’s life when he finds out why someone seems to be after him.

Will Ky be able to convince Cole he’s told him is the truth, while dealing with his own attraction to Cole? And can Ky and his friends keep Cole safe from a man who claims to be Cole’s real father?

An upcoming release to keep your eye on…

(June 27th, William Morrow)

Years ago, Flora fled the quiet Scottish island where she grew up — and she hasn’t looked back. What would have done on Mure? It’s a place where everyone has known her all her life, where no one will let her forget the past. In bright, bustling London, she can be anonymous, ambitious… and hopeleslly in love with her boss.

But when fate brings Flora back to the island, she’s suddenly swept once more into life with her brothers — all strapping, loud, and seemingly incapable of basic housework — and her father. Yet even amid the chaos of their reunion, Flora discovers a passion for cooking — and find herself restoring dusty little pink-fronted shop on the harbour: a café by the sea.

But with the seasons changing, Flora must come to terms with past mistakes — and work out exactly where her future lies…

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