Pipe Dreams Book Review *Sarina Bowen*

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Pipe Dreams Book Review *Sarina Bowen*


Mike Beacon is a champion at defending the net, but off the ice, he’s not so lucky. A widower and a single father, he’s never forgotten Lauren Williams, the ex who gave him the best year of his life. When Lauren reappears in the Bruisers office during the playoffs, Beacon sees his chance to make things right.

Lauren hates that she’s forced to travel with the team she used to work for and the man who broke her heart. There’s still undeniable sexual tension running between her and Mike, but she won’t go down that road again. She’s focused on her plans for the future—she doesn’t need a man to make her dreams of motherhood come true.

Lauren plays her best defensive game, but she’s no match for the dark-eyed goalie. When the field of play moves to Florida, things heat up on the beach.

One of Mike’s biggest fans doesn’t approve—his teenage daughter. But a true competitor knows not to waste the perfect shot at love.


Pipe Dreams (Brooklyn Bruisers #3) by Sarina Bowen is a reunion story of sorts between the hero and heroine who fell in love during a very bad time. The main reason is because the hero, who just separated from his wife, because he caught her cheating, gets together with the heroine before he’s divorced. He also has a young daughter he has to look out for. Then things become even more complicated when a year and a half after his divorce, his ex-wife is dying of cancer. The heroine is then left to fend for herself emotionally because the hero walks out on her, even though he promised eternal love and devotion, and a future together. This occurs in the beginning of the novel, which is shown through flashbacks three years earlier. But the big kicker here is, which has me scratching my head is that the heroine wants a baby, to the point she’ll get artificially inseminated. But things are taken one zany step further when the hero offers to be the sperm donor in the hopes the heroine will want to be with him in truth.

The above statement makes Pipe Dreams appear to be a little on the WTF side. Mike, the hero is actually a really nice guy who loves his pre-teen daughter and tried to do the best under the circumstances with his ex-wife and her illness. He longs for Lauren, the heroine who has kept her distance since he left her to take care of his sick wife. She works in NYC (the team in in Brooklyn) with the owner of the Bruisers. But when an employee in the Brooklyn office needs time off because she’s suffering from a head injury, Lauren returns to the Brooklyn office to work there. Because of that, she’ll see Mike again. Mike is thrilled by the notion because he still loves Lauren and wants to be with her. She gives him the cold shoulder because she’s still upset and hurt by what he did. But Mike will pull out all the stops in the hopes he and Lauren can pick up where they left off (or rather, how he left her).

Lauren barely has a free moment to herself. Not only is she working full time, she’s trying to graduate college, and paying for her because her father refuses to. She also wants a baby because her internal clock is ticking. She’s willing to be a single mother because she feels she’ll never get married even though she’s only in her early 30’s. Around this time, she’s softening towards Mike. Since she still is attracted to him, and does care for him even though he dumped her a few years before, she throws caution to the wind and has a sexual relationship with Mike. When he finds out she wants to get pregnant, he offers himself as the daddy in the hopes they’ll be a real couple, which means marriage.

Pipe Dreams was an engaging romance, but the whole situation with Lauren and Mike was a little unnerving, especially when Lauren decides she wants a baby AND accepts Mike as the father thinking he’ll get her pregnant and that will be it. Mike wants to make Lauren pregnant in a bit of a manipulation on his part because he thinks if he gets Lauren pregnant she’ll have to stay with him. For some readers this many put a bad taste in their mouths, especially because there is another person involved in this- Mike’s daughter who he expects her to be fine with everything, including accepting Lauren in their lives.

I would have given Pipe Dreams a solid “B” grade, but the whole pregnancy storyline and Mike’s manipulating Lauren left a sour taste in my mouth. (Berkley)

Final Grade: C


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  1. I was so bummed that this book didn’t work for me, I didn’t even finish it ;-( and I loved her college series, and all of her collaborations – I have no idea why I have such a hard time with this series.

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