The Hangman Book Review *Mary Burton*

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The Hangman Book Review *Mary Burton*


Julia Vargas is a cop with a mission. When she’s not chasing down bad guys, Julia dedicates her time to investigating the Hangman serial killer…the same unsolved case that her father, Jim Vargas, was working on when he supposedly shot and killed himself three decades before. While rumors continue to swirl around her father’s death, Julia attempts to hunt down the truth.

The case once again hits dangerously close, however, when a woman’s bones are discovered in a historic downtown home, together with a photograph of Jim and Julia as a young girl. As horrifying as this discovery is, it may just be the break Julia has waited for. Working alongside Tobias Novak, a homicide detective with whom she shares a complicated—and steamy—history, she’s forced to confront her own past even as the Hangman looms in the shadows. But as the mysterious killer circles closer, Julia can feel her own noose begin to tighten…


The Hangman (The Forgotten Files #3) by Mary Burton is the best suspense thriller (with romantic overtones) this genre has to offer. Those who enjoy police procedurals will be hooked from beginning to end as the main couple try to find a deranged serial killer who has killed women by hanging over two decades. Julia, the heroine is well known within the police community, not just because she’s in law enforcement, but her father was also. He was an undercover cop who killed himself. There were rumors he might be The Hangman killer. Julia doesn’t believe her father was this serial killer. But then when a new body of a woman is found in an abandoned factory from twenty years ago, it’s believed to be the work of The Hangman.

Julia is brought into the case by Jim, the man she is currently sleeping with. These two are lovers, but they keep it quiet because of their professional relationship. As she and Jim go back in time to learn more about The Hangman’s victims- all women, and most prostitutes, she learns some secrets about her father that turns her world upside down. She and Jim fall down a rabbit hole that leads them to many twists and turns, and even more unanswered questions. But someone, perhaps more than one, wants to stop Julia before she figures out who The Hangman is, and if her father was involved with him, or is indeed this killer.

The Hangman has so many shocks, and a few awes. You will be on the edge of your seat as Julia and Jim try to solved a decades’ old mystery, as well as clearing her father’s name. This is one twisted book, not just because of the gruesome way The Hangman kills his victims, but the killer’s reasons for why they do, or did the things that may have caused Julia’s father to shoot himself in the head. Or did he? So many questions until the bitter end.

The Hangman is truly a top notch thriller that will have you riveted until the last page. A must read! (Montlake Romance)

Final Grade: A-


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