All For You Book Review *Melody Grace*

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All For You Book Review *Melody Grace*


Summer Bloom lives for adventure—and buttercream bourbon frosting. As a high-end pastry chef, she spends her days (and nights, and weekends) whipping up sweet treats, but when an unexpected detour leads her to the dilapidated bakery on Blackberry Lane, she decides to take a chance on her dreams and leave it all behind for a new life in Sweetbriar Cove. She has everything she needs for baking bliss—she just isn’t expecting her new landlord to melt her heart, as well as her chocolate truffles…

Grayson Reid knows better than to fall for his impulsive new tenant. He keeps his life quiet and drama-free, but there’s something about Summer he just can’t resist. He’s learned the hard way that a woman can turn your whole world upside down, but her kisses—and those croissants—are too tempting to ignore. He’s determined to keep the lid on their romance, but soon, their chemistry is heating up the kitchen—and he doesn’t want to play it safe any more.

Can this headstrong pair mix the right ingredients for love? Or will their passion burn out before they can find their happily-ever-after? Find out in the new novel from New York Times bestselling author, Melody Grace!


All For You (Sweetbriar Cove #2) by Melody Grace is a feel good delicious novel with a lovely heroine chef/baker, and a gruff, bearded British hero who owns a book store just because he wants to own a book store. This is a perfect read for anyone who enjoys small town contemporary romance. You also might have a craving for dessert as the heroine tries to open a bakery, even though the odds may be against her, which includes a Martha Stewart type mother who thinks of only herself and not her daughter, who wants to be a success, but not the spotlight.

Summer works for one of the most respect chefs in the industry. She spends most of her time cooking at a restaurant in the city, but doesn’t reap the rewards. Her mother is a celebrity in the cooking and home decorating world, who never has had a kind word for Summer. But Summer is pretty well rounded and rolls with the punches. When she delivers one of her homemade wedding cakes to Sweetbriar Cove, she has an epiphany. She wants to quit her job and open a bakery in the Cove. The man who owns the building, and came make her dreams a reality is Grayson, a transplant on the UK who runs a book store in town. Grayson has a very stringent lifestyle and refuses to budge when it comes to his time. He’s the complete opposite of Summer because she’s very optimistic and excited to do new things. Grayson gives her some attitude, but when she tempts him with her decadent desserts and pastries, he quickly changes his tune.

Because Summer is so lovable and an amazing baker, Grayson falls for her charms. They soon engage in a hot and heavy affair while she gets her bakery ready for the masses. But there are a few bumps in the road for these two because Grayson is so set in his ways. He begins to frustrate Summer, and she in turn because more stressed, especially when her mother shows up out of the blue with TV cameras to give her the spotlight she needs, regardless of Summer’s wants and needs. Not only does Summer have to put her foot down when it comes to her mother, but figure out a way to accept Grayson’s quirks. But is he willing to sacrifice on his end in order for a future with Summer?

All For You is a sweet and sexy breezy type of romance that will keep you smiling until the last page. Summer is a joy, while Grayson is a bit too gruff, and at times selfish. But when he realizes he may lose the best thing in his life- Summer, he eventually comes around. He does a bit of a groveling, which will please readers, especially by the end.

For a feel good romance that will make you sigh in happiness, do try All for You. ($4.99, Self-Published)

Final Grade: B+




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