KT’s Report from Book Expo 2017 Part 1 (#bookexpo2017)

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KT’s Report from Book Expo 2017 Part 1 (#bookexpo2017)


When Book Expo (better known as BEA aka Book Expo America) first came to New York City in 2009, I attended, and very year after, with the exception of last year when it was held in Chicago, IL. Once I heard Book Expo was headed back to NYC for 2017, I decided to attend the expo again on Thursday and Friday. It’s always a great time, and I love seeing all the publishers, authors, and industry types as they show off their upcoming release, host panels, and new publishing innovations.

This year Book Expo was very “chill” and calm. It appeared (at least to me) there was much more space than past years, meaning not as many publishing booths. Unlike two years ago, epublishers were MIA (Amazon and Barnes and Noble, including Kobo or even Google was missing), with the exception of two I could only see- Entangled Publishing and Spencer Hill Press. Since Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing went under, and Dreamspinner decided not to have a booth this year, the indie publishing end was lacking. Big name publishers were in full force this year, such as Penguin Random House, HarperCollins with Harlequin (no mention of Carina Press, yet again), Sourcebooks, Macmillan, Kensington and other recognizable publishers. Any mention of traditional publisher’s digital lines, such as Carina Press, Avon Impulse, and Penguin InterMix didn’t have any mentions. Everything here was print and more print- Hardcovers galore, and heavy hitting authors in general fiction and non-fiction were on display.

The winning publishers this year was children’s publishing. I would say children’s publishing took over 50% of the  Expo. They were extremely generous with giving away books, including the friendliness of their staff and authors who loved to talk about literature and books for children.

Regardless of someone’s genre preferences, there was something for everyone. I was lucky to meet some new people, and check out some great books, which I’ll show here through pictures….


My big head selfie at the Javits Center, where Book Expo is held every time in NYC


Many book banners hanging around…

Book Expo’s Anti-Harassment Policy in clear view


HarperCollins’s booth was full of rich history, especially about Avon and Harlequin. Their booth had a time line of important years and milestones:


Sourcebooks and Entangled Publishing booths:


Isn’t the Little Golden Books booth too cute?


Here are some new to me authors I met at Book Expo. These are all children’s authors:

I Won’t Eat That by Christopher Silas Neal (November 4th- Candlewick Press)

Cat has no idea what he wants — until it’s right in front of him.

Cat is very hungry. But cat food is dry and dull and not at all yummy. So what in the world should Cat eat instead? Turtle eats worms, but worms are too wiggly. Fox eats rabbits, but rabbits are too bouncy. What everyone else loves to eat is thoroughly unappetizing to Cat. Until, by chance, the thing Cat really wants to eat appears right in front of him. What could it be? Christopher Silas Neal’s retro-style illustrations and easy-to-follow story are the perfect match for even the pickiest eaters — and the patient souls that feed them.


Where is Robin? by Robin Barone (Out now. Diplomat Books)

Take flight with the adventurous Robin. Robin is ready to see the USA, and she wants you to join her. Follow her to the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Rockies. Fly over towering skyscrapers and across gigantic bridges and historic landmarks. Have fun exploring and discovering all the wonderful cultures and traditions this land has to offer. She promises you a memorable journey full of learning, laughter, and love. Don’t let her fly alone, spread your wings and come along!


The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids Around the World by Teresa Anne Power (Out now. Stafford House)

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids around the World takes you and your child on a fun-filled tour of over 30 countries. This beautiful illustrated book uses the alphabet, charming rhymes, and kid-friendly facts to introduce children to yoga while teaching them more about different areas of the world (including how to say “hello” in the language of each country). A follow-up to the international, bestselling The ABCs of Yoga for Kids, this book also features simple yoga poses that are suitable for children (and adults) of all ages and athletic abilities. Written in honor of International Kids Yoga Day, The ABCs of Yoga for Kids around the World celebrates both our diversity and oneness at the same time. Early yoga practitioners (and their parents, caregivers or teachers) will delight in learning new yoga poses, new letters, and fun facts about this wonderful world in which we live.


Coming in the next post are my reports about some panels I attended (the Indie Bookseller panel- they hate Amazon and love literary fiction, and Reviewing Diverse Books- only reviews traditional published books and very little diverse self published books) and more pictures of authors and books!


My precious! The one book I was hoping to snag- Year One by Nora Roberts




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