John Grisham’s Camino Island is 3 Weeks Strong

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John Grisham’s Camino Island is 3 Weeks Strong

For the third week in a row, John Grisham’s Camino Island continues to slay the competition. I think this is the first adult fiction book of 2017 to stay at #1 for more than 2 weeks. Over 55,000 print sales strong, and about to hit the 500k sales mark for complete sales. Ruth Ware is still holding strong with The Woman In Cabin 10 at over 21,000 in print sales, and is about to also hit the 500k mark soon. Paula Hawkins’ Into the Water isn’t far behind, and expect 500k in sale by the end of this summer.

Other notable authors make some major strides: Dean Koontz with The Silent Corner, Janet Evanovich’s Dangerous Minds and Nora Roberts’ Come Sundown all hit over 20,000 combined sales this week. New for romance this week, Sabrina Jefferies’ The Pleasure of Passion only sold 5,000 in mass market paperback, and Kat Martin’s Beyond Reason isn’t far behind (maybe they hit 10k total with digital sales?). Julia Quinn, Christine Feehan and Susan Mallery are not far behind.



Over at the USA Today top 100, the first new romance to hit the list, does so at #22 with Lauren Blakely’s The Knocked Up Plan.

#26- Lost and Found Sisters by Jill Shalvis

#36- Tycoon by Katy Evans

#44- Black and Green by C.L. Stone

#55- Stay by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

#77- Revenge by Lexi Blake

#80- The Pleasure of Passion by Sabrina Jefferies

#89- Shopping for an Heir by Julia Kent


Here are some romances heating up the charts at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords:

Amazon: Heartstopper by Lauren Landish, .99 cents New Adult



Roxy Price

After ten months without a date, I’m eager to go to the hottest new ticket in town, Club Jasmine.

I deserve a night of fun. I’ve worked hard and I finally got a promotion. But for one night, I’m going to let loose.

That’s when I see him.

The drop-dead gorgeous Jake Stone.

With his god-like physique, pure blue eyes, and chiseled jawline, he might be the hottest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on. A total heartstopper.

The man’s probably a player. Then again, maybe that’s what I need—a man who knows what he’s got, knows how to use it, and knows how to make me scream to the heavens.

Screw it. You only live once.

But when I go in Monday morning to meet my new boss, I’m greeted by that same irresistible smile.

And Mr. Stone is making it perfectly clear that strictly professional is not in his vocabulary.


Amazon: Takedown by Dez Burke, .99 cents Romantic Suspense



She thinks I’m her Guardian Angel. I know I’m her worst nightmare.
I thought I had everything under control. Until the day I saved Maggie’s life.
Most men would melt if a girl like her looked at them the way she looks at me, as if I was her savior, her protector.
She sees the muscles, the tats, the hero the media makes me out to be.
I’d give anything to be that man, to hear her screaming my name as I showed her exactly what a Marine can do in bed, but I can’t let her in.
What I had to do in Afghanistan made me a monster.
If I let her in… I might let it out.
I belong over there, in hell.
I don’t know how to live in the heaven that is Maggie.
She doesn’t realize how hard I’m fighting to keep her away.
She doesn’t know who I really am.
I’m irredeemable.
She should run.
Before she unleashes a monster that can’t be controlled.

Barnes and Noble: Ice Wolf by Jane Godman, .99 cents Paranormal Romance



They are the Arctic Brotherhood.

They are deadly fighters, fierce protectors and loyal mates.

Elliott Wilder is a mild mannered Alaskan college professor. Wilder craves the things most people find boring. Seclusion. Monotony. Anonymity. But what Wilder craves most of all is the thing he can’t have… memory loss. Four hundred years ago, Wilder and the other members of the Arctic Brotherhood were captured and tortured by the leader of the Siberian werewolves. Wilder is still haunted by memories of that night, when he wasn’t able to protect his leader.

Now the Siberian wolf is on the loose and seeking revenge. Not only must Wilder lead the brotherhood, he must fight the attraction he feels toward its newest recruit, Jenny Piper. Jenny offers Wilder a glimpse of the life he can’t have. As the brotherhood races against time to save humanity from the horror their enemies unleashed on the world, Wilder must reach inside himself to find the leader the brotherhood needs and the mate Jenny craves.


Smashwords: Pack Ebon Red by C.M. Stunich, $3.99 Paranormal Romance



I am wolf; I am human; I am neither; I am both.
I am werewolf.

And I have seven Alpha Males as my mates.
All mine to kiss and hold and touch, seven handsome men for my bed.
My boys represent the biggest packs in North America.
But I am the Alpha Female and I rule them all.

One day, the packs might force me to choose.
But my heart, it won’t allow it. Things could get…bloody if I have to fight for my boys.
For now, three glittering dark courts threaten our existence with their glamorous cruelty:
the vampires, the witches, and the fae.

Werewolves are missing from all the packs, and my boys and I, we have to find them.
Or find out who’s killing them.
Because I’m the mistress of my men, my packs, a girl known simply as White Wolf.
I’ve promised to protect the men I love, the family and friends I cherish.
And the White Wolf…always keeps her promises.


Smashwords: A Summer’s Leash by Liz Felding, $2.99 Contemporary Romance



In a midsummer’s dawn, high in the woods above Beaumont Court, Charlotte Palmer encounters a man who at first sight she thinks is the ghost of Harry Beaumont, the buccaneer who built the Court in the 16th century.

His passionate kiss blasts away this illusion but when he extends a hand to her, an invitation to go with him, she hesitates and in a heartbeat he’s gone. But not for long.

When the late baronet’s heir arrives to take possession of the Court she discovers that Matthew Ryan might be the image of Elizabeth’s favourite, but he has no interest in the title he’s inherited or the beautiful Tudor manor built for Harry’s beloved Maria.

Charlotte Palmer’s family has been serving the Beaumont’s for centuries and is horrified that he intends to wipe out the history of the family who rejected him. He’s equally horrified that he’s stuck with her under the terms of his late Uncle’s will.

Charlotte has until the end of summer to persuade him to change his mind. A summer’s lease before she will have to leave the only home she’s ever known. and the man with whom, despite everything, she’s fallen in love.

Can she change his mind about the house, about her, in the few short month before her time at Beaumont Court runs out?

An upcoming release to keep your eye on…



(August 1st, St. Martin’s Press)



After the death of her husband four years ago, Hartley Watson is finally ready to meet someone–and maybe even have a second chance at love. But then, just as her dating life seems to be getting started, Hartley is struck with a horrifying realization: Someone is watching her. Entering her own home. Even knows the intimate details of her life. How else to explain the strange deliveries, or the sudden appearance of mementos from her dead spouse–ones that she had kept for so long in storage?

If only Hartley could know for sure whether what is happening to her is real or if her grief is making her lose touch with reality. Those around her aren’t convinced that she’s being stalked, nor is the wonderful, supportive man Hartley’s started dating. The exciting new life she has created for herself is slowly becoming a nightmare. . .How can Hartley seek protection when nobody believes that she’s at risk–and the only one in the world she can trust is herself?



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