WTFckery or Not? You Decide!

Jul 2, 2017 by

WTFckery or Not? You Decide!

Welcome to this week’s wacky WTFckery:


A few WTF books and their covers:

Comparing abs is pretty sweet as sin:



I don’t even want to imagine what sexual fun can be had with this golden rock alien.



When my human mate was auctioned, she was sold to a savage lot of aliens.
I rescued her body from her tormentors.
But her mind…
She is hurt.
She’s afraid I will abandon her; but I’ve been waiting all my life for my mate.
I am not going to walk away. I’m going to help her heal.
And I will help her fight for us.


A tender love triangle with Black Beauty?



2. Two food combinations that may make you go huh? From Oh, Bite It:




3. 4The most zen Chia Pet ever: Bob Ross. From Oddity Mail:


Believe it or not, Chia pets are still a thing, they didn’t die off in the 90’s along with pagers, pump sneakers, and Tomogatchi pets. They actually still make new Chia pets for all sorts of “important” people like Donald Trump, Obama, and yes, even for some reason the people from Duck Dynasty. This time around, they’ve made a Chia pet after a truly important, influential, and a true legend of a person, Bob Ross, the amazing on-TV painting teacher from the 80’s.


4. UPS packages by golf cart? Why not? From Consumerist:


“UPS is testing package delivery drones on trucks so a single driver can make multiple deliveries at once, but how can it make short-range deliveries now, without buying more trucks? A new law in Kentucky allows for package deliveries by golf cart on public roads. Yes, golf carts.

In theory, UPS can begin using its special golf carts to make deliveries starting today, the Wall Street Journal reports. However, the vehicles and the part-time, lower-paid drivers who drive them will mostly be deployed during holiday shopping season to help UPS keep up with shipping demand.

The company’s drivers aren’t very happy about the new vehicles, though. Golf carts are included in the UPS drivers’ union contracts. Until now, deliveries using them have been limited to places like retirement communities in Florida where people get around primarily using similar carts, and the paths don’t accommodate cars.

However, union representatives point out that even if the carts are retrofitted with seat belts and turn signals, and have decals marking them as “slow-moving vehicles,” letting drivers on public roads with regular passenger vehicles and trucks is unsafe.

The carts have flat beds for packages or haul cart-sized package trailers, and travel at about 15 miles per hour. Each charge runs a cart for up to 40 miles. They would only operate in areas where the posted speed limit is under 35 miles per hour. The part-time cart drivers would make a few dollars less per hour than a beginning driver of UPS delivery trucks.”


5. The best in carrot cake. From Cake Wrecks:


6. Who knew crocheted water balloons are a thing?


7. Honey bunches of STD for breakfast?



8. Simon’s Cat- Waiting Game:



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