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Who am I? I am an eccentric redhead reader and reviewer. I also write a novel under the name KT Grant.

What is “Chat about books and more”? Babblings is a blog about books and entertainment, which has been working since September 2008. It is a site that browses books, singles out authors and publishes opinions about the publishing and entertainment industry. The most famous Sunday WTFckery for Not? You make decisions about posting messages.

Review policy:

Author, publicists and publishers: I review mostly genre fantastic titles. My best genres that I like are Romance, Young Adult, GLBT Romance and Horror. I will make exceptions to this rule if a book or a passage really makes an impression. This also includes some independent publications. I cannot promise that I will accept all reviews, but I will try my best. I try to get an average of three book reviews per week. I will give the most honest feedback, even if the book did not work for me. I will not embellish reviews.

I also accept digital galleys/ARC for reviews, such as a NetGalley site.

Rating: I grade on an A-F scale. I score by general plot, symbols and writing.

Timing: I will try, as much as possible, to respond to any book review requests in a timely manner and post a book review within three months of the book being published and up to one month before the book is published if I am given a galley or ARC.

On request I will specify the total amount of traffic per week or month.

Regarding P2P fanfiction: If an author or publisher sends me a book that is a former fanfiction, known as “pulled for publication fanfiction”, and does not specify it as such, I will automatically downgrade or not accept it at all. Publish a fan-fiction and profit from it is not right, IMO.

Any questions may be directed to Katiebabsg AT gmail.com regarding my feedback or advertising policy.


Author: KT Grant

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