Guest Author Post: Top 5 idea helpers for writers by Decadent Kane

Guest Author Post Top 5 idea helpers for writers by Decadent Kane
  • Pinterest – Wandering your interests, maybe looking for clues to your writing, or be more precise and look for something you write about, such as elves, or dark fantasies. Pictures always inspire me. I let them flow, instead of crushing what comes into my head, I never know where they will lead me. So as soon as this tiny idea gets into your brain don’t ignore it – take out everything you write and write down this idea. Even if you are not using it now, you can use it later.
  • Online generators… no, not these mechanical things, I am talking about random idea generators, plot turn generators, character name generators, etc…. just connect it to Google and you will do a little research and you will find all sorts of shiny generators for so many things, including making your own drinks. (Tip: bookmark them for later use so you don’t have to spend all your time looking for them) Did you know that there’s at least a Shakespeare Generator for insults? Go look for it.
  • Read your favorite author. I know it sounds easy, right? But sometimes reading opens your imagination and inspiration is amazing.
  • Brainstorming with friends-writers.
  • It may be the most important in the world… write sprinters… 10-30 minutes. Get with each other-writer and make yourself sit and write a certain amount of time, defying each other about the words. You may be surprised at what will come out. Do not think hard, just go with what comes out on the page, and do not stop until time runs out, even if you think it sounds stupid.

About the author:

Elfessa in human form, Decadent enjoys immersing her fingers in the human kingdom, where she took a pen on paper and started telling tales about trouble with elves. Her obsession is reading, Dean Winchester, and honey.

She will devour your soul with glimpses of wild feral elves, with their dark skin and soul absorbing. Through the goblins, she will sneak to you through a sea of naughty thoughts and seduce you to enter the kingdom of elves, where the females disappear when lust takes over among other elven troubles.

Beware of sprites.

Follow the scraps.

But never look the king of elves in the eyes.

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After Ryu goes to her house, a magic earpiece and mysterious writing await her. At the other end of this earpiece is a tortured soul whose life is at stake if she doesn’t do exactly as Gage Evans says her voice is in the earpiece. Angry that the male elf has it on his orders, because she can not just let someone die, she follows his instructions. They lead her not only to the tortured elf, but also to her father’s killer.

When she misses a powerful magic and is thrown into a dungeon with Mr. Evans, she must keep her feelings under control to find her way out of a place where there are no doors or windows, and why the hell wasn’t she born with an elf a gift blinking magically away?

Author: KT Grant

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