Announcing the 2015 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event! (#LFAE2015)

Announcing the 2015 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event (#LFAE2015)

January is one of my favorite months on the blogs, because it is an annual event for the assessment of lesbian fiction (#LFAE) here at Babblings! Starting in 2012, LFAE helps promote all types of lesbian literature and authors who write and publish it. As an author who writes “Lesbian Romance”, I am always looking for ways to promote the lesbian genre. Many times when LGBTQ is mentioned, only gay fiction/romance (M/M) stands out, and lesbian fiction/romance (F/F) is sidelined. M/M genre is becoming more and more popular in the publishing industry, in particular, it is published in digital lines for some famous traditional publishers. With the continued growth in the number of electronic publications in general, and with some publishers publishing exclusively gay fiction/romance, the promotion and visibility of lesbian fiction and its authors is more important than ever.


Again, there is a mistake that lesbian fiction/romances do not sell well. I will tell you a little secret. In September, I myself released a story “The New Adult Lesbian” called “This Time Now”. “This Time Now” was rejected by two publishers, so I went and published it myself. In October, this time now, I got my best sales in almost 2 years, and continues to sell. Based on this sales movement, I bet I’m going to write more “Lesbian Fiction”. I will never stop writing Lesbian Fiction or Lesbian Novel because since 2010 Lesbian Novel has earned me thousands of dollars in sales.

This year’s lesbian fiction awards event starts on Sunday, 1/11/15 and ends on Saturday, 1/31/15 (only 3 weeks). Here is a list of those who participate in this year’s event:

  • Anastasia Vitskaya
  • Isabella from “Sapphire Books”.
  • Salome Wilde
  • Lauren Gallagher
  • Andrea Bramhall
  • Alice Lynn Palmer
  • Meredith Dunch
  • Clifford Henderson
  • Jessica E. Object
  • Paisley Smith
  • Michaela Rua
  • Harper Bliss
  • Lee Ellwood
  • Misa Buckley
  • Olivia Stark
  • Teresa Wymor
  • Lucy Felhouse
  • Heather Massey
  • Clara Nipper
  • Cherie Lewis Volle
  • Linda Kay Silva
  • Scarlet Chastain
  • Adrian J. Smith
  • Eric Schubach
  • Patty G. Henderson
  • Cindy Rizzo
  • Kate Larkindale
  • Wren Thompson
  • Caitlin Ricci
  • Kari C
  • Kate Richards
  • Less than three clicks
  • Forest Library Danica

I still have places available for everyone who wants to take part in this event. If so, write me at katiebabsg at gmail dot com. Do you want to go back to the past LFAE? Click on each picture:


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